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Highly precise measurement is possible by the downsized, light weighted "electric hardness testing machine".

A specialized manufacturer dealing in the design, production, sale and maintenance of the hardness testing machine. This company developed the electric hardness testing machine which is half size and one third weight in comparison with other conventional testing machine, and also developed the hardness testing machine with the automatic check system which no other companies are handling. The testing machine is equipped with the load feedback control system with the power meter and a highly precise measurement is possible by it.

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[Company strength]
As a specialized manufacturer of the hardness testing machine, we deal in all kinds of business related to the hardness testing machine such as the supply of new model in accordance with customer needs, the maintenance of the old products and have been appreciated from the customer for our technical correspondence to the special specifications and our technology level as the specialty manufacturer. In addition, the hardness testing machine manufactured in our company has been supplied to the sites of quality control and the research evaluation test in various industrial fields such as the domestic and foreign transport plane industries, the precision instruments company and the facilities of government industrial laboratory.

[Business description]
Our company was established as the general manufacturer of the hardness testing machine. We succeeded the brand of "Matsuzawa" which included all business and the knowledge of Matsuzawa Seiki Co., Ltd. that was the forerunner of us. As business, our company deals in the design, manufacture and sale of the Rockwell Vickers hardness testing machine. In addition, we deal in the maintenance of the old products, and the design, manufacture and sale of the automatic inspection system. In late years, we received the advancement authorization of the specific manufacturing core technologies of our country and are working on the development and practical use of "electric hardness testing machine" and "hardness testing machine corresponding to production site", for the purpose of high precision level of the hardness testing machine. 

Hardness testing machine manufacturer

[Strength of products/technologies]
In the field of conventional analog type hardness testing machine, our company provides the customized hardness testing machine in accordance with customer specification and the automatic inspection system which no other company can deal in. On the other hand, newly developed "the electric hardness testing machine" is the unique product which is small and light device with half size and one third weight in comparison with other conventional testing machines. It is equipped with the load feedback control system with the power meter and a highly precise measurement is possible.

[Representative's message]
Since the establishment of a business, our company has supplied a trustworthy products based on our stable technology as "Matsuzawa of the hardness testing machine ", to the domestic and foreign customers in various fields such as research and development and quality control. In late years, our company developed a system products which can handle advanced automatic hardness measurement corresponding flexibly to a great variety of needs and handle a series of operation from the sample feeding to the abrasion and hardness measurement. Our company contributes to the minimization of the errors due to dispersion of data between different measurers and due to their fatigue. Our company have good reputation from many customers. And our company gives efforts day and night to develop the hardness testing machine with further superior function and operationality and the products beyond the frame of the hardness testing machine.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
First of all, the arrangement of production system in the company will be done from the development site and the product line will be fixed. In addition, full knowledge of new products and the inspection will be established inside of the company.Furthermore, the system for quick solution to the problems and uptake of customer needs will be established by enhancement of the maintenance system with the staff in the company and visiting customers as required. Because sales in the domestic and foreign regions including major company business are handled through a trading companies, the familiarity of the new products in the trading companies is to be done, and the periodical inspection system with the sales agent will be enhanced.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our domestic share in hardness testing machine industry is approximately 7%.

[Awards and media coverage]
Strategic Foundational Technology Improvement Support Operation adoption (reported on Akita Sakigake Newspaper on June 19 in 2010 ), Ria/Via( electric hardness testing machine ) product introduction ( appeared on Akita Sakigake Newspaper on October 19 in 2011 ) 

Strategic generic technology advancement support project authorization in 2010-2012. Approval in cross-field-partnership new business development plans in 2013.

[Joint research and development]
 Akita University, Akita technical college, Akita industrial technology center (joint research and development about the hardness testing machine gripper for industrial robots corresponding to the advancement of the production engineering in the automotive industry in 2011-2013)

[Other sites]
Tokyo Contact Office (Tokyo Prefecture), West Japan Office (Nara Prefecture)

[Transaction form]
Receiving order of prototype development, joint development, product sale etc.

[Transaction terms]
On our company's condition

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Trading company: Ozawa Science Co., Ltd. (1995-present), Sankei Co., Ltd. (1995-present), Sumikin Technology Co., Ltd. (2006-present), Try Trays Co., Ltd. (1995-present), Nishino Industry Co., Ltd. (1995-present), Mitsubishi Corporation Technos Co., Ltd. (1995-present) etc. (User: Major ironworks, major automotive manufacturers, government office etc.)

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
A trading company: Shin Young Scientific Corporation (2011-present) etc. (Destination country for export: Korea, United States, India, Canada, U.K., France, Thailand, Taiwan etc.

[Exhibition History/Information]
The 12th Comprehensive Test Equipment Exhibition in 2013/ General Fairs for Medium and Small-sized Entities in kansai in 2014 (planning).

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