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Polishing rough surfaces to a less than 10 nano mirrored finish.

We have developed mirrored surface polishing technology used by parts makers in various fields, such as automobiles, motorcycles, and semiconductors. In addition, we carry out operations like burr and parting processing for die cast materials and optical machinery components. Moving forward, we will support inquiries not only from within Japan but also in overseas regions such as other parts of Asia.

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[Company strength]
(1) Mirrored surface polishing technologies required for parting and burr processing, blast shot treatment, buffing, and nano level polishing used for parts in a variety of fields including automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft components, and semiconductor devices. (2) We can support all kinds of customer requests, including high-mix low-volume manufacturing, short lead time orders, and even regular weekly meetings for clients in the Kanto area. (3) Our facilities' quality and production control are carried out using a management structure based on TS16959 and JISQ9100.

[Business description]
 (1) Mirrored surface polishing for medical, aviation, and space uses, vacuum devices, and other applications which require a high level of surface smoothness (for medical equipment, surface smoothness is below RA 10 nano) (2) Burr processing, finishing treatments, and other procedures leading up to external inspection for metal materials and die cast products (3) Electronics inspection operations (4) Wholesaling of cable ties and related products for electronic materials

Nonferrous materials manufacturing industry

[Strength of products/technologies]
 (1) Polishing processing of various metal items to a specified level of surface smoothness (to a level under 10 nano for medical equipment) (2) Grinding of difficult-to-machine materials (cobalt type, titanium) and complex forms (3) Surface smoothness level inspections and data attachment (data from our proprietary surface smoothness inspection devices) (4) Burr processing, parting, hot water wrinkle processing, and joining treatments for die cast materials and optical component parts

[Representative's message]
 Our company was established in 1986 as a subcontracting manufacturer for electronic component assembly, but labor intensive business activities like these shifted to other parts of Asia, and we had a sharp drop-off in orders. After hearing from a customer that there were few companies involved metal buffing and finishing polishing processes and it was causing them problems, we began pursuing these kinds of business operations. It has now been 10 years since that decision was made. We are now exhibiting at various trade fairs in order to expand into the medical equipment and aircraft components, and also make sure to visit related events. More orders are starting to come in now. Moving forward, we will continue developing our business while maintaining harmonious relationships with the domestic market, other parts of Asia, and our customers.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
1) In the sales department we make practical use of the point of contact with major companies, and handle new inquiries from major companies and overseas businesses. (2)  For technical problems, supervisors in the technical and manufacturing departments are in charge, and will visit clients directly if necessary to resolve issues. (3) The company president takes a personal interest in handling new customers, we ensure thorough information gathering and management, and all overseas clients are handled with complete sincerity.

[Awards and media coverage]
Candidate for the 2nd Miyagi Suguremono Award

Eco Action 21 Achievement (07/02/2009)

[Joint research and development]
 Tohoku University, in charge of mirrored polishing smoothness under the 10 nano level for use in electron beam laminate molding research

[Transaction form]
Consigned processing

[Exhibition History/Information]
 Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2012 / Aerospace Industry Exhibition Tokyo 2013 / M-Tech / Aerospace Exhibition (Planned)

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