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Latest update: 17/02/2022 15:21:37

TDC Corporation

Our ultra high precision mirror polish machining achieves surface roughness of Ra 1nm or less on any material or shape.

Our ultra precise mirror polishing technology plays a key role in manufacturing of a variety of precision components.  We have a track record in 12 countries across the globe, and have provided many customers with this essential technology for research and development to enhance the accuracy of semiconductor manufacturing devices and precision equipment.

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Sales Pitch

Precision machining, polishing, mirror polishing, flattening, and smoothing
■Spacer and shim (thickness gauge
TDC spacers enable assembling with higher accuracy because of low thickness dispersion.
・High precision: We manufactures spacers and shims with thickness tolerances as small as ±0.5 um and ±1 um to meet customer requests.
・Low cost:  We manufacture even a single piece at a price on the list below. If the quality is larger, the price will be lower.
・Quick turnaround: TDC standard products can be shpped on the day at the earliest.
・Convenience: We manufacture even non-standard materials and shapes according to customer requests.
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Precision parts for semiconductor processing equipment.
Polishing mold for plastic injection process, nano imprinting process.
Polished test pieces for research labs.
■Precision mirror foil (Long-sized metal foil precision polishing)
Surface roughness: We can manufacture single nano-level metal foils as long as 100 meters.
・Surface roughness: Ra1 nm, Rz6 nm
・Low cost: Using long-sized precision-polished foils simplifies post-processing and reduces the accompanying cost.
・Convenience: We will prepare a long-sized metal foil of your desired length by continuous polishing.
・Use: Device process of roll to roll. microfilm deposition process, etc.
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Other presentation

[Company strength]
[Unique processing technology] Our company guarantees ultra fine precision on any material and shape, and accepts orders from single pieces to mass production. [Active marketing] For our meticulousness in order taking and responsiveness, many domestic and overseas customers have selected us as a technology development partner.  We have  established strong trust relationship with them and have been receiving orders continuously.  [Overseas expansion] By strengthening our overseas marketing, we have received orders from developed countries for machining that could not be performed elsewhere.  Our overseas customers now total 35 firms in 12 countries.  We take on domestic and international projects with a high degree of difficulty that cannot be performed by competitors.  We are further enhancing our technological capabilities by dealing with these challenging projects. 

[Business description]
We excel in precision machining including ultra precise mirror surface polishing. This process is compatible with a variety of materials and is able to reduce surface roughness to Ra 1nm or less on any shape from flat surfaces to curved surfaces, metal foil, and internal and external cylinder surfaces.  We are contributing to the advancement of technologies, and to research and development projects in a variety of industries, by actively marketing our services and building trust with customers, both domestic and overseas.


[Strength of products/technologies]
Our ultra precise mirror surface polishing technology enables high precision manufacturing of a variety of components.  We can deliver extreme accuracy in terms of surface roughness, flatness & parallelism, dimensional and angle control, and other criteria. This process is compatible with all materials — metals, ceramics, glass, semiconductors and new materials — and can handle not only flat surfaces but curved, cylindrical, and spherical surfaces as well.  The precision of this processing is such that it cannot be replicated by competitors and can be considered to be a unique technology both domestically and overseas.  It is an essential component technology for research and development, and for refining and upgrading the precision of semiconductor manufacturing devices and precision equipment.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We conduct high precision manufacturing and quality control vigorously at our head office and factory in Miyagi Prefecture.  We have also established branch offices in Tokyo and Osaka to respond to customers and gather information.  At the head office, employees with extensive manufacturing experiences are working in business divisions, and providing collaborative sales support.  We have six bilingual staff members who can deal with customer enquiries in English by telephone or via email.  They also handle customer visits and invite customers to our site, and also participate in overseas exhibits five times a year or more.  We have established trust relationship with customers and are receiving orders from them, by undertaking detailed technical meetings with customers, both domestic and overseas.  

[Factory (domestic)]
No. 1 Manufacturing Facility (precision polishing/lapping), No. 2 Manufacturing Facility (large area processing), UP Manufacturing Facility (ultra precision machining) – all in Miyagi Prefecture

[Other sites]
Tokyo Branch sales office, Osaka Branch sales office (Suita-shi, Osaka)

[Transaction form]
Prototype development orders, joint development, contract processing, product and materials sales, and the like

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