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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:33:25

PAPALAB Limited Company

Two-dimensional colorimeter enables discrimination of subtle color differences that up to now had relied on visual inspection

We manufacture color fidelity cameras and image processing devices that deliver accurate results more quickly than visual inspections. It's now possible to measure brightness and chromaticity with nearly the same precision as the human eye, rapidly measuring and quantifying the color data. It’s then possible to reproduce the colors on a monitor just as a person would see it. This means that color management tasks that have traditionally been conducted visually can now be handled quickly and easily.


[Product description] This device reproduces colors on a monitor just as the human eye sees them, from skin tones to metallics, and quickly measures and digitizes color data. The image and value data can be stored simultaneously, greatly facilitating inspection recording. Measurements are taken in real time and without contact, making it possible to discriminate color irregularities and subtle variations. Color management, typically performed by visual inspection, can be conducted quickly and easily with high precision measurement. Our goal is to accurately display and digitize colors that have not been able to be displayed or measured using traditional cameras or measuring devices. We also want to enable the differentiation of colors that have only been distinguishable through visual inspection.

[Product description] This device displays metallic paint coatings on a monitor just as the human eye sees them, measuring and digitizing the color data to reveal any variance or unevenness. There is no contact involved, so measurements can even be taken immediately after paint is applied. The two-dimensional colorimeter is mounted on a crane head, making it easy to perform measurements in the target location. Target color data reproduced on the monitor can be quantified (XYZ or lab values) across the two-dimensional plane, rather than the narrow range common to traditional measurement devices. Image data can also be stored, thus aiding in the integration and traceability of color data.

[Product description] Reproducing colors on a monitor in high fidelity just as the human eye sees them makes it possible to distinguish subtle color differences and irregularities. This device can also measure colors of three-dimensional items. It is even possible to overlay items on the inspection target to measure and highlight color and texture differences for each range. This allows you to simultaneously quantify color and texture variations that had not been possible up to now. Inspection records can be stored not only as values but also as images. This avoids troublesome issues that have been common in the past, such as differences in individual interpretations or determination criteria. It also enables the establishment of objective color management criteria.