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We pursue high product accuracy and perfection by uniting precision machining and polishing technologies.

We have established an integrated production system from material processing to final finishing by linking up with the surface treatment business. Our high-grade watch casings have a 30% share of the market in Japan. We participate in overseas expositions and promote sales to manufacturers of European brand products. We are also developing new fields of business in medical instruments, equipment, and devices. We have experience conducting joint research with Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry and the College of Engineering, Nihon University.

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[Company strength]
We provide products merging precision metal working and our corporate culture of beautiful Monozukuri craftsmanship as value for our customers. We have advantages in cold forging, high-accuracy machining, and decorative and functional polishing unique to our company. These are core technologies we have accumulated in manufacturing watch casings since our foundation. We have established an integrated production system from material processing to final finishing by joining up with the surface treatment business.

[Business description]
Our company was established in 1921. We have three main lines of business:
■Precision metal working (watch casings, assembled watches, and precision part machining)
■Plating and surface treatment (plastic plating, board plating, ion plating, and special anodic oxidation)
■OEM production of various kinds of equipment; design and manufacturing of production and labor-saving equipment as well as industrial robot systems
We are also extending our business to manufacturing medical equipment, implant implements for plastic surgery, and automotive parts.

Metal working

[Strength of products/technologies]
The watch casings we have been creating since our foundation require not only accuracy, but also quality and beauty. We have unrivaled high-accuracy forging and final mirror polishing technologies as the sole specialist manufacturer in Japan. Our new basic technologies are special anodic oxidation (AL ADVANCE), alumite treatment for thick and hard films, and nitrogen absorption (Pure Bright). These epoch-making technologies provide nickel-free ferrite stainless steel corrosion resistance equivalent to austenite and with greater hardness than martensite.

[Representative's message]
Our company has been manufacturing high-grade watch casings since its foundation in 1921. Our manufacturing technology is highly appreciated among manufacturers in Japan. We have demonstrated our technical power in various expositions and fairs and have been promoting sales to brand product manufacturers in Europe to exploit overseas sales channels. We are actively developing our new field of medical instruments, equipment, and devices. We provide “Made In Japan” products following the corporate philosophy “Make Good Things.”

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have a business development group in the management administration department of the head office to acquire new customers and extend our sales channels. If new technical development is necessary, this group will cooperate with the merchandise development group, which has Monozukuri craftsmanship functions. We will also use public cooperation systems to promptly meet customer needs.

[Market share/Ranking]
High-grade watch casings: 30% share of the domestic Japanese market.

[Awards and media coverage]
300 Hard-Working SMEs and Small Companies Award, 2012; The 4th Utsukushima Monozukuri Grand Award, Fukushima Prefecture, 2011; The 4th Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award, Special Prize, 2013.

BS11 “Monozukuri in Tohoku toward Restoration: One Year after the East Japan Great Earthquake” (March 2012), and many other programs.

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and ISO 13485 certification.
Certified manufacturer of medical devices.

[Joint research and development]
Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry (development of treatment equipment for periodontal diseases) and College of Engineering, Nihon University (development of high-accuracy flow meter).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
In no particular order: Seiko Watch Corporation, Seiko Instruments Inc., Seiko Epson Corporation, Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Orient Watch Co., Ltd., Toshiba Corporation, Nikon Corporation, Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation, Shimano Inc., SIGMA Corporation, NHK Sales Co., Ltd., Nittoku Engineering Co., Ltd., Cyberdyne Inc., Nippon Thompson Co., Ltd., and AMANO Corporation.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Several Swiss watch manufacturers.

[Exhibition History/Information]
In Japan: Participated in MEDTEC and MEDIX from 2011 to 2014; International Jewellery Tokyo 2013; SME Fair 2013 (1 and 2); and International Robot Exhibition 2013.
Outside Japan: Participated in MEDICA (Germany) 2011, 2012, and 2014.

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