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Iwai Microcomponents Co., Ltd.

We are experienced in machining micro components for dental use.

We manufacture and sell machined microscopic components including round items up to 5 mm in diameter. We specialize in equipment and components for the dental industry. We do business with major companies including Mabuchi Motor, NEC, and Tokyo Seimitsu. We are proud of our own technological expertise. We are experienced in post-tempering finishing. We have a wide range of machining equipment, including NC automatic lathes. The machining operations we provide include machining, tempering, cylindrical polishing, lathing, and plane polishing. We meet numerous customer demands and have been expanding our business. We are accelerating our effort to move into overseas markets by employing personnel able of operating on a global scale.

Main image

Sales Pitch

Monozukuri network
What is Tokatsu Medical Monozukuri Association?
We are a collaborative body of SMEs in the Tokatsu area of Chiba Prefecture that are engaged in medical equipment sales, manufacturing and sales, or manufacturing businesses, or require various elemental technologies.
Purpose: Prototyping to mass production, such as medical equipment manufacturing and sales, joint research with hospitals and universities, subcontract prototyping and development, and subcontracting medical equipment product parts.
Possible development and manufacturing flow
Medical equipment manufacturing and sales business ⇒ Development, design, QMS, sterilization, quality assurance, various elemental technologies ⇒ Springs, molding, extrusion, injection, cutting press (large and small), 3D printing, welding, assembly 
We have a track record of manufacturing medical equipment
Catheters, animal forceps, gynecological products, and orthopedic products

Various small co-medical articles
Message to overseas companies
We manufacture dental equipment parts, and also machine tool and microscope parts for the medical field.
We have a track record of manufacturing medical equipment including catheters, forceps for animals, gynecological products, orthopedic products, and various small co-medical products.
We will expand our business overseas to have our technology understood widely among many people.
We intend to increase our business particularly with companies in Thailand and Vietnam. Feel free to consult us.
You need not worry, because we have English-speaking staff playing a central role in communications with factories.




Other presentation

[Company strength]
We are one of only a few specialist companies who can machine minute items (round items up to φ5 and square items up to 5mm2. Using this expertise, we provide solutions to design or application problems. We experienced with chuck mechanisms, shafts and spindles, and tempering and finishing. This allows us to meet the requests of clients in the medical industry to “improve the holding performance of the chuck.” In another example, a cllient’s chuck would not properly clamp when screwed shut by hand. Our proposal improved the mechanism for a firmer more secure clamp. We also train younger generations as a solution to an aging populace and promote education.

[Business description]
We mainly manufacture components for dental equipment as well as machine tools and microscopic components for the medical field.
We conduct integrated machining with wide range of equipment. Our machines include NC automatic lathes to machining, tempering, cylindrical polishing, lathing, and plane polishing. Micro components generally include round items up to 5 mm in diameter, square items, and screws up to ϕ5. We excel at machining micro components, such as noncircular holes, polishing, small-diameter holes, and gear cutting. Our strength is finishing after tempering. We also have excellent troubleshooting know-how and can identify problems to provide solutions to our customers.


[Representative's message]
We try to make our business, technology, and know-how accessable to the younger generation. By doing this they will form an interest in us and keep the business going. Visitors to our company always show an interest in our technology. So that the general public can understand the necessity of our technology, we intend to operate abroad. Then more people will understand and pass it down to the next generation.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We improve our management structure by looking at better information sharing techniques. To do this, we set up a special team last year to review everything from how we handle problems to the working environment. We will continue to participate in exhibitions and gather market information to improve our sales base and be better prepared for cutomer’s needs. To promote our overseas operations, we have employed English speaking staff this year who will play a central role in communicating with the factory.

[Awards and media coverage]

Chiba Television Broadcasting, the Daily Industrial News, Kinzoku Kogyo Shimbun, Chiiki Shimbun, Collection of Cases of Management Innovation Plans (Chiba prefectural Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry), prefectural Board of Education News (Chiba prefectural government)

[Intellectual property]
Our laser welding technology using micro components (patent pending)

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ

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