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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:14:08

Suzuki Denshi Co., Ltd.

Finding new markets through our know-how of electronic equipment connector manufacturing

We were first established as the Asahi Factory of Suzuki Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (Hitachinaka city, Ibaraki prefecture) and we later separated from them in 2014. We mainly assemble connector products and we also produce coaxial cables, wire rings and harnesses. We have also jointly developed a multi-purpose receiving antenna with Suzuki Electric Appliances. We have extensive experience as a manufacturer of electronic equipment connectors and are currently exploring new sales channels. We also develop connector-equipped cables for medical use or original connectors (power type) and are increasing their sales with new customers.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We establish various assembling methods and processes using flexible thinking and try to ensure high quality, low cost, and quick delivery. We swiftly respond to various customers’ requests, including high-mix low-volume production and assembly of trial products. We also help with assembly on-site if required. We also produce assembly jigs and machines. We can also conduct various analysis, testing and measurement including salt spray, temperature and humidity testing, extreme cold, gas testing, and program constant temperature and humidity.  

[Business description]
We were established as Suzuki Denki Asahi Factory Co., Ltd after becoming independent in 2004. We mainly assemble connector products and also handle coaxial cables, wire rings, and harnesses. Currently we are working on developing new products based in our experience in manufacturing electronic equipment connector products.

Manufacturing (electronic component manufacturing)

[Representative's message]
We have been producing and selling electric and electronic products including cables equipped with coaxial connectors since our foundation. We are doing our best to satisfy customers with our high quality, low cost, and quick delivery. We establish various assembly methods and processes to ensure high quality, low cost, and short delivery time. We will find new customers and enter new markets by participating in exhibitions and utilizing J-GoodTech’s network.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We jointly developed a multi-purpose receiving antenna with Suzuki Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. and exhibited it at various exhibitions. This resulted in finding new sales channels. We develop medical cables equipped with connectors and original connectors (power type) and explore new markets.

[Awards and media coverage]
An article was written about us in the Electric/Electronic Component and Equipment Category of the 2015 Ibaraki Prefecture Manufacturer Guide Book (issued by Ibaraki Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Public Corporation).

Simplified version of EMS acquired
Privacy mark acquired
License holder for participation in JAEA competition and the competition participation license standardized for all ministries and agencies.

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