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Latest update: 26/02/2020 10:25:11

RONK Japan Corporation.

We have developed a portable enterprise communication system that allows multiple users to talk simultaneously. 

Our company applies extensive digital wireless technologies to plan, develop, manufacture, and sell a range of products including low-delay wireless digital modules. We also offer digital wireless guide systems, digital wireless intercoms, handy speakers (smartphone output for TV sound), wireless LED control systems, and wireless LED color mixing systems. Our technology allows us to offer contract development and contract manufacturing services. Another characteristic of our company is that these products can be provided at low cost. This is done by designing, manufacturing, and customizing them according to your needs at our subsidiary in Shanghai (Ronk Shanghai). Our customized digital wireless products have been adopted and positively evaluated by major companies for their technological advantages. 


Ronk's ultra low latency module can realize high quality sound Hi-Fi with uncompressed wireless transmission and 0.6mS low latency. Owing to ONLY 0.6mS latency, you can enjoy high-quality sound with no stress caused by delay between the transmission side and the receive side. Ronk is at the highest level regarding the latency technology industry. - 2.4GHz band is used in Ronk's proprietary wireless technology - 0.6mS low latency is at the highest level in the industry! - No interference from Bluetooth or WLAN - 1 to N - High-quality sound with uncompressed data achieved