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Latest update: 20/06/2017 19:23:20

Ceratech Engineering Co., Ltd.

We have no competitors in Japan in the market for piezoelectric ignition plugs for gas appliances.

We develop and manufacture piezoelectric ceramic products. We have inherited all the piezoelectric ceramic manufacturing technology developed by RION (Kobayashi Science Research Center) more than 80 years ago. We are the only company in Japan that handles piezoelectric ignition plugs for gas appliances and piezoelectric oscillators for FA equipment part transportation. We can deal with high-mix products in the field of undersea and seabed investigation sensors. We hope to develop battery-less sensors as energy harvesting power supplies such as fatigue monitoring sensors for buildings as well as bone conduction loudspeakers. We also plan to develop piezoelectric rubber and noise reduction systems. Our goal is to be a manufacturer that does not neglect analog technology, and that creates the best mix with digital technology. We want to contribute to society through our extensive innovation power and technology.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We inherited all the piezoelectric ceramic manufacturing technology developed by RION (Kobayashi Science Research Center) more than 80 years ago (submarine sonar, seismometers, noise level meters, and acceleration sensors). We participated in the activities of the Piezoelectric Ceramics Session Working Group under the former Japan Electronics Material Society for 16 years. This is why we have channels to the major companies in this industry. Ryuji Ono has been providing guidance to our company as managing director for over 17 years. He is the former Director of NEC Central Research Institute, Managing Director of NEC Tokin, and Chairman of the Piezoelectric Ceramics Technology Session.

[Business description]
Our company supplies piezoelectric ignition plugs for gas appliances, piezoelectric devices, and modules with built-in piezoelectric devices to Paloma, Shindo Burner, Purpose, and other clients. (We are the only supplier in Japan, and there are no competitors.) We supply piezoelectric actuators and oscillators for FA equipment part transportation (part feeders) to Morino, Yuasa Trading, and Murata SK. (We are the only supplier of piezoelectric oscillators in Japan.) We also supply undersea and seabed investigation sensors, seabed resource-searching sensors, and submarine searching sensors. (Our competitors do not handle high-mix products.)

Electronic component (piezoelectric ceramic) development, manufacturing, and sales 

[Representative's message]
We aim to be a manufacturer that does not neglect analog technology, and that creates the best mix with digital technology. Digitalization is now conquering the manufacturing industry. We have concerns about an atmosphere that undervalues the craftsmanship in which Japanese companies had advantages. Cooking with recipes has become common, and uniqueness seems to have disappeared from society. We are fortunate to work in the ceramics industry, and we maintain analog manufacturing. We are passing down traditional culture, just like making noodles by hand. Digital equipment is easily copied by foreign competitors, just like it was with instant ramen noodles. We are doing our best to make Japanese enterprises vibrant and generate employment without relying on US market power and without being pushed down by the rise of China. We sincerely hope that J-GoodTech will provide a mechanism for introducing major Japanese companies that value small enterprises such as ours, and for providing us with supporting funds.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are not interested in competition with major companies in the same industry in mass production, because conditions are too severe. We prefer the high-mix low-volume production that major enterprises are not interested in. Japan is surrounded by the world’s 6th-largest EEZ. We plan to focus on the Japanese market by contributing to customers who work in the field of ocean resources, national security, natural disaster prevention, and so on. We are still a small business, so we will expand step by step while reviewing the reactions of the market. We are currently focusing on raising funds.

[Awards and media coverage]
Tama Blue Green, Technology Incentive Award; Tama Blue Green, Award of Excellence; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, President’s Award.

TBS Hodo Tokushu, Special Program on Energy Harvesting.

Technological Information Center; HQ of the Japan Society for Technology; Niigata Prefecture Industrial Technology Center; Fukui Prefecture Industrial Technology Center; Ultrasonic Industrial Session; Science Technology.

Authorized factory (lead) selection under the Environmental Pollution Prevention Ordinances of Tokyo Prefecture.
Selection by Kawasaki City for the Industry-Academia-Public Coalition Research on Environmental Engineering for three successive years.
Monozukuri Subsidy for trial manufacturing (FY2012). 
Monozukuri Subsidy for trial manufacturing (FY2014).

[Intellectual property]
We have filed joint patent applications with Murata Mfg., TDK, Fiji Ceramics Corporation, and Ceratec Engineering. We have filed six patent applications independently.

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