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Latest update: 20/06/2017 19:23:10

Tokushu Mekki Co., Ltd.

We pursue next-generation environmentally friendly plating that is easy on the human body.

We offer electroplating services with a focus on precision parts, electronic parts, connectors, and so on. Our TMX/CSZ (alloy plating with copper, tin, and zinc) is non-magnetic and has excellent corrosion resistance. Recycling is possible with certain materials without having to apply any processing. This is regarded as being useful nickel-free plating, and it is utilized as measure in response to RoHS and as a substitute for nickel. The decorative features of this plating have been attracting attention. It can be used as a countermeasure against nickel allergies and features antibacterial effects. We can also handle trial manufacturing, small-lot plating, and quick deliveries.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Please feel free to contact us. We can handle trial manufacturing and small-lot plating. We can also accept orders that require quick deliveries. We mass-produce TMX/CSZ (copper/tin/zinc alloy) plating, which is optimal as a measure in response to RoHS, as a nickel substitute, and a countermeasure against allergies. We can take on all kinds of plating according to the product and purpose in cooperation with many partner companies.

[Business description]
We offer electroplating services with a focus on precision parts, electronic parts, connectors, and so on. We can handle plating types including gold plating, silver plating, TMX (CSZ) plating (alloy), nickel plating, and copper plating.


[Representative's message]
We target Monozukuri craftsmanship with higher added value from a global viewpoint in this ever-changing manufacturing market. The manufacturing industry needs to expand its potential by interacting with various industries in the future. Our whole company is taking on the challenge of being an “Interfacer.” This is our new concept of building a system for being indispensable for harmony with society and the surface processing industry.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We aim to develop markets in cross-industrial fields while strengthening industry-university-government cooperation and considering how to make use of business matching and so on. We are also improving awareness of our company by making use of information technology such as SEO, listings, Facebook, and so on.

[Awards and media coverage]

[Intellectual property]
Japanese Trademark Registration for TMX (2009), CSZ (2007), TMK (2007), and Interfacer (2007).

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