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Latest update: 20/06/2017 19:22:48

Hirano Fastech Co., Ltd.

Our products include hexagon bolts (manufacturing and sales), and cold forging products (secondary goods). 

Our main business is hexagon bolt (maximum 200 mm) production and sales. These products are used for civil engineering and construction purposes (such as large bridges and guardrails). Recently our company started to comprehensively handle made-to-order secondary products (manufacturing and sales), which involves cold forging and machining. We have internalized design and production of necessary dies, jigs, and tools to focus on developing new technology. We have had an increasing number of orders for plant equipment and machine tool parts, and we are required to manufacture high-precision products. We will help reduce lead time and cost by replacing machined shaft parts and collar parts with our forged parts (or partially machined parts).


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company sells M6 to 24 hexagon bolts, up to 200 mm in length. These products are stored in both our head office plant in Tokushima and a sales company in Osaka to ensure timely delivery. We also possess machining tools for machining and other secondary processing for on-time delivery, and we ensure consistent quality in integrated production. These qualities are highly valued by our customers. Our in-house design service is an additional strength for us as it enhances our flexibility for our customer’s design department. 

[Business description]
We produce and sell JIS B 1180 hexagon bolts. We also offer secondary products (machined goods) that are used for civil engineering and construction purposes (such as large bridges and guardrails). Recently we started to comprehensively manufacture and sell made-to-order secondary products (forging products and machined goods). We design and manufacture dies, jigs, and tools in-house for production. We supply these products while developing new technologies as a proposal-oriented metalworking manufacturer. 


[Representative's message]
Our products have been adopted by Paramount Bed, Mitsubishi Plastics, and other leading manufacturers in various fields. We will make use of this strength to promote our products through trading companies by suggesting replacing machined goods with forging articles. This is why enhancing forging precision is a critical technology issue. We will further internalize die production, and improve our technological capabilities as an organization. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are looking for opportunities for overseas expansion specifically around Vietnam. We are not considering setting up a subsidiary, but we are regularly exchanging information with our existing customers. We are also asking Japanese companies and consultants to adopt our products in ODA projects.

[Awards and media coverage]
IT Management Quality Award (2008). 

ISO 9001; JIS certified plant; Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program (joint approval); supplemental subsidy for manufacturers (2012, 2014).

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