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Latest update: 26/02/2020 10:25:06

Tamaki Co., Ltd.

We design and manufacture blenders that handle a wide range of materials. 

Our company manufactures and sells automatic blenders, such as weighing and mixing machines for powdery and granular objects (pellets, powders) and pigments (dry colors, master batches, and other additives). These blenders can be designed and manufactured according to your needs to handle various materials. We have manufactured many blenders for lightweight, difficult-to-mix powders, and our products can be modified quickly to enhance accuracy. Many of our blenders are durable enough to function even after more than 20 years. We also manufacture and sell hand sealers for bags and wrapping. 


Sales Pitch

Our company has technology capable of handling difficult-to-handle raw materials
Long-life charge-free test
Our company provides paid overhauling and periodic inspection services.
We extend service lives by periodic inspection and equipment calibration.
We cut out and weigh raw materials before product manufacturing and perform a mixture test free of charge.
High accuracy
Our company weighs and mixes powders, grains, and liquids to produce a highly accurate mixture by improving the mixture until the customer is satisfied.
Wide variation
We have devices to weigh and mix materials for product molding. There are two mixer types, vertical and horizontal, which are selected according to the product. We have a track record of manufacturing mixers for a maximum capacity of 3.5 tons per hour.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company designs, manufactures, sells blenders according to customer needs, for various products that our customers handle. We have made many blenders for difficult-to-mix (or blend) powders that are lightweight and readily clog in the machine, and have provided timely support to create accurate machines. We also manufacture easy-to-use hand sealers with specifications that can be modified according to the sealing surface. 

[Business description]
In our automatic blender business we produce and sell weighing and mixing machines for powdery and granular objects (pellets, powder) and pigments (dry colors, master batches, and other additives). We also manufacture and sell hand sealer machines as sealing machines for bags and wrapping (compact type). 


[Representative's message]
We hope to earn recognition for our blenders in many more fields by making use of J-GoodTech. Our products excel in performance, accuracy, and achievements, and especially in special mixing conditions. We have relatively few staff, so we want to emphasize that we can provide quick responses at lower cost than other companies, especially in the case of special mixing conditions. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
New customers have come to us through references from other customers and trading companies. Some of our customers have already offshored their production, so we hope to increase sales by expanding our domestic Japanese and overseas sales networks, as well as Internet sales.

[Awards and media coverage]
Department of Science and Technology, Encouragement Award.

[Intellectual property]
Fully automatic weighing and coloring blender (Automatic Blender, Japanese Patent No. 905583); powder control device (Japanese Patent No. 50-99364); powder measuring and mixing device (Japanese Laid-Open Patent Application No. 52-8855).

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