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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:17

Tec Nagasawa Co.,Ltd

We provide cutting and grinding of materials and deformed materials, and part machining and assembly

We satisfy orders to mass-produce cut or ground products or for high-mix low-volume production. We excel at cutting and grinding deformed products. We machine and assemble automobiles, hydraulic machines, printing equipment, semiconductors, construction materials, food-related equipment, fancy parts, and a wide range of other parts.

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Mass production and assembly
Machining of automotive parts, hydraulic and printing equipment, semiconductors, construction materials, food-related equipment, fancy parts, and various other parts.

We machine and assemble parts for a wide range of industries with a focus on cutting and grinding raw materials and deformed parts.

- We deliver products in small and mid-size lots with flexible production control and with secure lead times.
- We independently design and manufacture jigs, which enables speedy launches.
- We establish a special-purpose automatic line (including robot use) and satisfy mass production needs.

Main track record
- Proposing various VE/VA plans and designing, manufacturing, machining, and assembling materials for complete sets of equipment
- Prototyping and mass-production machining of housings for turbochargers (Ni-resist cast iron and SCS)
- Automotive parts around the engine and steering wheel (FC and FCD)
- Machining, procurement, and assembly of production equipment parts (including electrical equipment)
- Parts for interior design and exterior parts for construction materials (cast aluminum)
High-mix low-volume production (single units)
- Valve parts
- Parts of equipment for producing automotive parts
- Equipment jigs and inspection jigs *We independently design and manufacture all jigs for in-house use
- Prototyping of automotive parts, etc.
- Tools, etc. *Holders for BT50 only, special-purpose collets
- Test pieces *Cutting out equipment, manufacturing of test pieces
- Other, machining of various parts
Assembly of machine tools, printing units, and various special-purpose machines
- We are experienced in assembling a wide range of industrial machines. Technicians with extensive experience in assembly provide fine product finishing.
- We can satisfy needs ranging from machine assembly to equipment wiring, debugging, and operation adjustment.
- Assembly factory can address needs for suspensions up to 5 tons. Standard bolts are in permanent stock. 
- We can also repair universal machines.

Main track record
- Machine tools (including hand-scraping and fine finishing)
- Printing machines
- Molding machines for resin
- Labor-saving machines
- Various specialized machines
Cutting and grinding deformed parts
We excel at cutting and grinding deformed materials. Please contact us if you are considering shortening your manufacturing time or reducing your material losses.