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Latest update: 01/06/2017 02:16:34

Weather Tech Co., Ltd.

We apply our original thundercloud monitoring equipment to provide information on weather such as localized heavy rain. 

We are a private weather company that provides weather information services and disaster information systems. Our company provides comprehensive consultation services (such as investigation, analysis, and countermeasures) on weather and disaster prevention issues, and we manufacture, sell, and maintain observation equipment. Our main product is RAIRAN BOLT (Broadband Observation Network for Lightning and Thunderstorms) thundercloud activity monitoring equipment. Thunderclouds often cause localized heavy rain and lightning. This equipment receives electrical signals from a thundercloud, and estimates the cloud’s 3D position from the signal source. The user can monitor its size, direction of movement, speed, and status, and infer imminent danger at an early phase. We plan to reinforce crisis control information our service and consultation business. 

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[Company strength]
Our company has achieved many successes since its establishment, mainly in the Chubu region, based on reliable service, advanced technology, and a wealth of experience as a private weather company. We have committed ourselves to applying our flexibility and agility to offer original forecasting services. We joined the Organization for Promoting Countermeasures against Thunderstorms as a corporate member. We have concluded an intellectual property license agreement regarding results derived from industry-university research, and became the exclusive domestic Japanese distributor of an interferometer that applies this technology. We are the only company that can make use of the leading-edge technology of Osaka University and the Office for Promoting Countermeasures against Thunderstorms for atmospheric data management and analysis. These insights and knowledge are our strengths. 

[Business description]
We are a private forecasting company (Meteorological Agency’s Forecaster License No. 32). We have worked hard since our establishment to contribute to local communities and to enhance convenience, safety, and security for our customers. We achieve this by providing national and local weather information, disaster information, and local life information. We also provide advice on various weather and disaster prevention issues, and provide comprehensive consulting services (such as investigation, analysis, and countermeasures). Our other lines of business include (1) manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of customized observation equipment, and (2) manufacturing, sales, and measurement of radiation meters. 

Weather information service

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our interferometer receives signals from high-altitude thunderclouds with no interference from landforms or buildings, so it has no blind spots in data coverage. Our device does not require expensive signal transmission equipment, a radio license, or other expertise. It offers detailed analysis at 10-second intervals (maximum), as well as constant tracking of thunderclouds over five-meter block mesh areas. It secures lead time for residents (including people in need of support) to evacuate. This device provides quite effective information to municipalities in charge of evaluation guidance, as it has no downtime due to radio disturbance. 

[Representative's message]
Japan has recently been struck by many natural disasters, including landslides and floods from typhoons and localized heavy rain, huge earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. This has resulted in serious damage in the affected areas. These disasters are not rare phenomena, but rather pose a great danger to everyone, and have a considerable effect on our daily lives and social activities. Our company has been confronting weather and natural disasters based on over 25 years of accumulated experience since our establishment in 1991. We have tried to provide various kinds of forecasting, disaster prevention, and observation data from the customer perspective so that our customers can stay safe. We also help business entities to avoid damage and loss of profit. We started to provide a new thunderbolt data service starting September 1, 2016, as an exclusive domestic provider of RAIRAN BOLT and RAIRAN LIVE. These technologies were developed by a research group led by Professor Emeritus Zen-ichiro Kawasaki of Osaka University. We hope to make further efforts in our field. 

[Market share/Ranking]
RAIRAN BOLT and RAIRAN LIVE provide broadband reception of discharged pulse signals, and provide crisis control information. We are the only company in Japan that handles these products. 

[Awards and media coverage]


Meteorological Agency License for Forecasting Services (No. 32). 

[Joint research and development]
Organization for Promoting Countermeasures against Thunderstorms: Joined as a corporate member.
Osaka University: Concluded a license agreement for its intellectual property, and became the exclusive domestic distributor of their applied interferometer. 
Kyoto University (industry-university collaboration).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Nagoya Broadcasting Network; Gifu Broadcasting System; FM Gifu Broadcasting; Mie FM Broadcasting; Toyama FM Broadcasting; FM Okazaki; FM Tajimi; Foundation of Japan Motor Boat Racing Association; Ladies Professional Golfers’ Association of Japan; Matsusaka CATV Station; Igaueno Cable Television; Honda Motor Suzuka Plant; Chubu Electric Power; Denso; Toenec; Yamaha Motor; Meteorological Agency Tokyo Regional Headquarters; Aichi Prefectural Government; Nagoya City Environment Office; and so on.

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