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Latest update: 01/02/2021 10:34:46

AZFIT Co.,Ltd.

We provide major supermarkets with our made-in-Japan non-woven medical masks as OEM products.

Our business group has engaged in paper manufacturing since the 1600s, and we possess a wide range of knowledge and processing know-how for paper and non-woven cloth. We develop high-value-added products by adding user viewpoints we have ascertained through our wholesale business to our knowledge and know-how. We develop products by adding new value or functionality to household paper such as toilet paper and non-woven products such as medical masks. We plan private-brand medical masks and sell them to leading general merchandise stores. We particularly prioritize peace of mind and safety, and produce products in Japan. We proactively work with retailers expanding overseas and trading firms to provide high-quality Japanese products to foreign countries.


Easy-to-use peracetic acid spray. Simply spraying this onto an object prevents infections and bad odors. ● Effective, ranging from viruses to bacteria causing smells: 99.9% sterilization. ● Volatile material, leaving no residues after drying. ● Same components as food additives, suitable for sterilizing the food contact surfaces of chopping boards and so on. ● No bleaching properties, causing no color degradation on carpets, and so on. JAN code: — Size: W 100 mm × H 228 mm × D 64 mm Content: 500 ml Country of production: U.S.A. (content fluid) Raw material: High-density polyethylene (container) Peracetic acid, 0.017%; hydrogen peroxide, 0.855%; acetic acid and water, 99.128%; and stabilizing agent (content fluid) Color: Colorless and transparent (content fluid) Odor: fragrant (content fluid)

● Easy-breathing, made-in-Japan thin filter. ● Dry material that does not become fuzzy around the mouth. ● High-protection, three-layer structure preventing bacteria and pollen. ● Provided with three-dimensional pleats eliminating stuffiness. ● Provided with a nose wire allowing better fit to the nose. ● Useful in crowded places, or during cleaning, cooking, and so on. JAN code: 4971773771014 Size: Approx. 17.5 × 9 cm Quantity: 7 pieces Country of production: Japan Materials: - Main portion: Polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester - Nose wire: Polyethylene - Ear loops: Polyester, polyurethane Color: White