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We can straighten curled roll films in a short period of time. 

The main feature of our company is that we possess the technology to create high-value-added laminated film products by applying various kinds of roll film processing. We can straighten curled roll films by drying and heat rolling, and the films are then cut horizontally and vertically to be made into final products. These processes take only a few minutes to finish on a single integrated production line. We also recommend other applications for roll films using our special new weld lamination technology. These include copper tape lamination (for insulation through dip soldering), protective lamination for sensors, and weld lamination for irregularly shaped binder layers in the automobile industry. 

Main image

Sales Pitch

laminate film manufacturing technology
1.The part of seal is streaght and no scar by automatic laminate film seal machine
2.32~350μ、Antistatic、Ccondactive、UV99%cut、light accumulating 、Iridescent Malutilayer 、high added-value 
3.Supecial shape、Layer、Pocket、Punch、Insulation laminate process、Supecial postprocess、and so on
high added-value slit-cutting technology
1.Totally automatic sheet and slit cutting,curl correction system
2.We can manufacture with debugging only the part of defective film on coating and so on by visual inspection and transmisson inspective devise.
3.We can slit-cutting one by one the film applied in thick coating material  with smooth a cutting surface, and no multi feed afer process, with powder spreading for antiblocking,perforation, sticking mounting paper and so on.
various manufacturing technology
1.General process for film(Slit,Slit-Cut,Punching(Press,Thomson die),Laminate,Heat-welding,Annealing,Cutting,Shrink package,Reclaim process only for optical film, and so on
2.General package product

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We produce many value-added products by treating the roll films with many process,  the special technology accumulated by craftman work for about seventy years and based on the process technology for film.
And we can make and sell OEM products includind the packages for consumers, because we have the package division.

Our company applies various kinds of roll film processing to create high-value-added final products. These products are manufactured using the extensive film processing technology that we have been accumulating since our establishment in 1950, and the advanced skills of our veteran workers. One of our expert staff members has been with us for over 66 years. We have a packaging department, so we can manufacture and sell OEM products with final packaging. 

[Business description]
We  deverop and make and sell  many value-added products by our many processes (minor winding,sheet cutting,sheet and slit cutting,curl correction, perforation,powder spreading, cutting,punting,welding sheet cutting,welding press,annealing, defect detection,debugging and so on) for roll film with adding functionality by coating etc  for OA equitment manufacturers,expendable supply manufacturers,stationary manufacturers,electronic equipment manufacturers, etc).

Our main business is to develop, manufacture, and sell high-value-added roll film products for office equipment manufacturers, suppliers, stationery manufacturers, and electronic device manufacturers. Our production includes coating (adding functionality), cutting and slit-cutting (into sheets), curl correction, perforation, powder processing, punching, welded seal cutting, welded seal pressing, annealing, and flaw detection and removal.

Advanced film manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
In general curl correction for roll film is to slice into large pieces,cut into small pieces,heat for long time(several times to several days) by annealing room and the finishing cut, but we produce by full-scale manufacturing line( set the roll film in the machine, that corrected curl under passing drying process and hot roll process, cross  cut MD/machine direction and TD/traverse direction at the  same time)  with our oricinal technology for short time (several minutes).
And we have same special tecnnologies (powder spreading for antiblocking, setting lined paper,defect detection by coating etc,debugging in the same processing).

Curled roll films are ordinarily cut into large sheets, and then shredded into smaller pieces before being fed into an annealing chamber or similar equipment. The films go through a long heating process that takes from a few hours to a couple of days, and then they are cut again as a finishing process. Our company adopts a different method with our special technology. Roll films are set on a machine to go through drying and heat roll processes to straighten them out, and then they are cut vertically and horizontally at the same time. All these processes are completed on an integrated production line in a few minutes before the films become final products. We also possess other technologies such as power processing (for blocking prevention), paper insertion, perforation, and coating. This allows us to remove defective sections within the same process. 

[Representative's message]
Our company is aiming to be the only one company to create and propose for priority sociaty of life circle speedy, have a good sense for socieaty needs, and is working on gathering information ,reserching processing technique,development of new products without stop.
We work on new materials and  themes diligently with the wide range of technologies has been accumulated over the past sixty years.
We are going to  preparer web and  the work partnership staff for overseas expansion.  

We aim to be a unique company that quickly offers creative solutions to realize a society that values everyday life and the environment. Our company tries to ascertain needs in society with a wealth of sensitivity, while continuing other efforts in information gathering, manufacturing technology research, and new product development. We are actively engaged in applying our accumulated technologies in the field of new materials and new themes. We plan to prepare for overseas expansion by developing a website, and training external staff at our partners’ sites. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
New Product Development Project Team form from the selected member of the sales division,  engineering division,the planning division, and establish the systems and operations for market development and new demand, and is solving our customer`s problems and work in close cooperation with each divisions.
We are going to  preparer English web site and  the work partnership staff for overseas enterprises in China,U.S.A,Malaysia and Thailand.  

We formed a new product development team consisting of selected staff members from the sales, technology, and planning departments. Our organization itself is arranged to facilitate cultivating new sales and creating new demand. All our departments work together closely to provide solutions to our customers. We also have an English-language website for overseas companies.

[Awards and media coverage]
TORAY<the most valuable sales of Torephan>

TV Asahi <Net Paradise>, TV Kanagawa, Mainichi Newspaper, Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun, Nikkei BP, and so on

Toray Industries, Best Torayfan Distributor Award.

TV Asahi, “Net Paradise;”; Television Kanagawa; Mainichi Newspapers; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun; Nikkei Business Publications; and so on.


Recycled plastic bottle certification (recommended PET Bottle Recycling Mark). 

[Joint research and development]
Chiba Institute of Technology<highly-functional film cuttig technology>
TORAY<the first welding technology for OPP film  in Japan>

Chiba Institute of Technology: Advanced film cutting technology.
Toray Industry: Japan-first OPP film welding and bag-making technology.

[Intellectual property]
patent granted「Pouch film No.5280572」
Registration of the Trademark「Solor Products No.5363641」and 6 others
Many patent pending

We have many Japanese laid-open patent applications as well as registered items (six items). This includes our pouch film (Japanese Registered Patent No. 5280572), and Solor  Products (Japanese Registered Trademark No. 5363641).

[Factory (domestic)]
Yachiyo Factory (Chiba Prefecture)

[Exhibition History/Information]
New & Next Plastic Exhibition 2016

N-Plus 2016 (advanced plastic technology exhibition).

This company is recommended by the following support organizations.

Marketing Support Department, SMRJ
Kanto Head Office, SMRJ