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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:34:30

Hanai Engineering Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of prototype press parts for consumer electronics using a proprietary CAD system

Our company’s main focus is manufacturing prototype press parts for consumer electronics. We have at our disposal YAG laser machines capable of .02 mm reproducible accuracy, a carbon dioxide laser for laminated molds, and a CAD/CAM system, which we developed in partnership with Sony, for sheet-metal extraction that can convert any data format from 3D to 2D. Aside from electronic equipment, we have also developed parts for bipedal robots and rolling stock for an automaker and, in the medical field, we have worked on the development of artificial respirators and optical devices for surgical applications. We received a Sony Idea Award in 1980 and a Technology Award from the Japan Society for Die and Mould Technology in 1995.

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[Company strength]
The highest priority in our manufacturing process is the speed demanded of prototype parts. We endeavor to shorten the lead times, starting with laminated molds and other proprietary technologies, fabrication with YAG laser machines that handle nearly all fabrication materials, and a 24-hour fabrication system for machined molds used where 3D shaping is required. With a system that confirms the real-time progress and status of each work process from order-taking to shipping, our in-house developed CAD/CAM system, an in-house integrated production system including bending molds and press molds, and upstream management accuracy checks, we work to compress lead times while reserving as much time within the development period as possible for design and validation operations. Above all, the strength of our company, which was started up by a designer from an electric machinery manufacturer to solve the problems of designers, is a half-century track record of client satisfaction.

[Business description]
Our company manufactures prototype press parts for electronic equipment, especially prototype sheet-metal parts for consumer electronics. While concentrating on personal audio-video devices, we have recently entered the game console and medical equipment fields as well. Given that we operate in the prototyping world, where the demand for speed is paramount, our manufacturing process prioritizes lead times.

Manufacture of prototype press parts for electronic equipment

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our primary machine is the YAG laser machine, which can rapidly fabricate both ferrous and nonferrous materials with high reproducible accuracy down to 0.02 millimeters. We also have a carbon dioxide laser for laminated molds and both large and small machining centers for in-house integrated mold production. We perform drawing (metalwork) adapted to each product with seven presses with different application pressures, led by a 500-ton oil-pressure press. Our proprietary CAD/CAM system developed specifically for sheet-metal extraction automatically converts any data format from 3D to 2D to help reduce data processing times. Our main machinery is all special-order machinery equipped with features tailored to our fabrication work. Thanks to our specialized equipment and the skills of our veteran fabrication engineers, we can provide prototype parts that exactly match the intentions of designers.

[Representative's message]
Advances in software in recent years have been striking, whereas the importance of hardware has faded with increased integration and modularization. Among large corporations, hardware manufacturers are already being weeded out and their numbers are falling. It is said that hardware development is rarely profitable, but at the same time, many renowned hardware products once defined these corporations and many of them are still in existence. As an individual who has been involved in many of these acclaimed products, I want to put our company’s experience and technology to good use in developing hardware that will last for future generations as symbols of these corporations, and as symbols of Japan.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The Special Order Department serves as our new business support department and our new business contact point. A similar contact point exists in the CAD Division to provide technical backup. Based on phone and email inquiries, we will visit the client’s premises when making a delivery and provide information together with actual products for detailed feedback on our company’s accumulated fabrication information and products. 

[Market share/Ranking]
Detailed information is not available because we deal in parts for development applications.

[Awards and media coverage]
Sony Idea Award (1980)
Technology Award from the Japan Society for Die and Mould Technology (1995)


ISO 9001 certification
A Sony Green Partner certified company

[Joint research and development]
Completed a CAD data application and transmission system and realized paperless technical drawing operations in a joint development project with Sony Corporation
1995 – Carried out R&D on laminated molds, which won the Technology Award from the Japan Society for Die and Mould Technology, in partnership with Professor Nakagawa and Assistant Professor Kunieda from the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo
1996 – Participated as a member in the Research Project on High-Speed Mold Manufacturing Systems Using Metal Plate Lamination run by the Japan Science and Technology Corporation (Toyota Technological Institute, Toyota Motor, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, and Yamazaki Mazak)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Selected manufacturers: Sony Corporation (development parts for audio and video equipment, since 1974); Sony Interactive Entertainment (family game console development parts and VR development parts, since 1994); Canon Inc. (development parts for copiers, 1995 to 2004); Casio Computer Co., Ltd. (digital camera prototype parts, since 1990); Fujifilm Corporation (sheet-metal parts for manufacturing equipment, 2000 to 2012); Tamron Co., Ltd. (lens prototype parts for cameras, since 2006); Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (parts for the development of cars and motorcycles, parts for robots, since 1990); Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd. (development parts for child artificial respirators, since 2005)

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