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Sakaigawa Industry Co., Ltd.

Various heat exchanger solutions

A specialist manufacturer of fine-tube heat exchangers established in 1948, we design and manufacture mainly heat exchangers for industrial machines and heaters and coolers for air-conditioners. We do business with Daikin. Since our foundation, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience about heat exchangers. We have provided optimal solutions to meet customers’ various demands and have expanded our business as “Sakaigawa, the Specialist of Heat Exchangers.” We actively explore sales channels in eastern Japan. We also use our website and display our products at exhibitions to publicize our name and technological strengths.

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Sales Pitch

Generating warm or hot air using steam! Energy-saving, compact products by R&D! Manufacturing pressure vessels to Japanese and also Chinese standards!!
Heat exchangers for heating: SK Plate Fin Heater, SK Heat Transfer Oil Coil, and SK Aerofin Heater
These heat exchangers generate warm or hot air by using saturated vapor, warm water, and heat transfer oil as heat sources. Our company manufactures products with your materials and dimensions wherever possible. We can also design heat exchangers supporting pressure vessels (Class 2, Class 1, compact size, boiler, etc.) or articles using high-pressure steam or high-temperature water.
Heat exchangers for generating warm and cold air: SK Water Coil, SK Brine Coil, SK DX Direct Expansion Coil
These heat exchangers produce warm and cold air by using warm or cold water, brine (and freezing liquid), or freon (R404A, R410A, etc.) as heat sources. This is also used for dehumidification and applied to solvent collectors that condense and collect solvents in the air. We can also manufacture insertion/extraction types for easy washing.
Radiating tube for space heating: SK Aerofin Tube
This is a radiating tube manufactured by winding a fin around a pipe without leaving any gap, to increase the pipe surface area. This tube is used as a heat changer to heat warehouses at factories or for drying chambers. It is also used as a heat exchanger for accelerating the growth of agricultural products, such as seedlings and vegetables in greenhouses. Warm wastewater is now allowed to flow inside to save energy and resources.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
The heat exchangers we design and produce are used in production processes requiring heating, cooling, or dehumidification for various industrial products (film, batteries, pharmaceuticals, nonwoven fabrics, carbon fiber, etc.). Processing equipment is often made-to-order to deliver the functions required to satisfy users’ specifications. It is important to select or propose a heat exchanger that meets the specific purposes of users or customers, such as heat generation, structure, pressure resistance, durability, etc. We propose the ideal specifications for customers’ needs based on our excellent technology and wealth of experience, and deliver products that satisfy customers.

[Business description]
We design and manufacture heat exchangers for industrial machines and heaters and coolers for air-conditioners. As a specialist manufacturer of fine-tube heat exchangers, we have our own test facility and conduct R&D on thermal technology including improving the efficiency of heat exchangers and making them smaller.

[Strength of products/technologies]
We conduct R&D on heat exchangers with excellent heat exchanging efficiency. We constantly strive to improve the efficiency of heat exchangers and make them smaller, for the benefit of our customers. We do our best to become a trusted partner for customers who actively choose us as the only manufacturer of heat exchangers they can turn to. We also strive to provide customers with innovative service and to improve production efficiency with our challenging, inquisitive spirit as a good partner.

[Representative's message]
As a specialized manufacturer of heat exchangers, we provide troubleshooting support for customers’ heat issues. We hope to make our name widely known through J-GoodTech and to advertise our technologies for producing heat exchangers for a wide range of uses from air-conditioners to industrial machinery.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We intend to focus on eastern Japan to expand sales channels, to conduct diverse activities including using websites and participating in exhibitions, and to advertise our name and technological strengths through J-GoodTech, ultimately winning new customers.

[Awards and media coverage]
Daikin Corp. (June 18, 1992), Tosen Machinery Corp. (Jan. 28, 2004), Koyo Thermo Systems Co., Ltd. (July 6, 2004)
Tosen Machinery Corp. (Jan. 29, 2013), Daikin Corp. (June 20, 2013), Osaka Prefectural Manufacturing & Industrial Association (Nov. 25, 2014)
Osaka Monozukuri Award 2016 (Sept. 30, 2016)

Acquired ISOS 9001 and ISO 14001
Holder of boiler and class 1 pressure vessel manufacturing license
Holder of Chinese government’s stationary pressure vessel manufacturing license
Contractor of ordinary license (machine and equipment installation work)

[Exhibition History/Information]
Name: Monozukuri Subsidy Project Result Presentation and Business Matching      Japan SMEs Tech & Services
Time: Nov. 14 to 16, 2016
Place: Index Osaka (International Exhibition Center, Osaka) Hall 6
Booth: Booth 468, Zone A, Hall 6
Floor map:
Sponsor: National Federation of Small Business Associations (National Secretariat)
Admission fee: Free

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