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Fushimi Co., Ltd.

We operate both in and outside of Japan with our own Photocatalyst coating
materials and Mold-release agents. 

Our major products include Titernal, which is a photocatalyst coating
material, and mold-release agents. Using the effect of photocatalyst,
Titernal provides effective antibacterial, odor eliminating and
self-cleaning performance. Our strength is special organic binder which we
have already patented. This binder can firmly adhere to materials without
being affected by oxidative decomposition of titanium oxide. Our products
are used for bacterial sterilization and odor elimination of underwear of
major textile manufacturers, seats in trains and buses, coating for nets
that prevent stincky smell from hogpens, blinds, and drop curtains of movie
theater in China. Our products are used to control volatile organic
compounds that may occur in factories, warehouses and offices. Also, we can
offer mold-release agents designed to meet specific purposes, such as
plastics, rubber, matting, FRP, and internal additives etc. Natural
ingredients are used for our products and we can also provide custom-made
products which are suitable for specific materials of mold and molded parts. 

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[Company strength]
Since our establishment, Fushimi Co., Ltd. has been maintaining consistent product-making for over 50 years. Fushimi develops and offers the best products based on our customer's request using our well-established experience and 'know-how'. Fushimi has a patent for originally developed photocatalyst coating material which is specialized in strong binder for organic materials (such as textile products and plastics etc.). In the photocatalyst industry, our product offers an excellent, strong binder when coated on materials and still shows high Antibacterial and Odor eliminating effects. Fushimi can also provide custom-made products based on our customer's request.

[Business description]
Fushimi Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells chemical products mainly related to the construction industry and textile industry under the policy of 'Environmentally-friendly'. Our major products include Titanium Oxide Photocatalyst Coating Material (Titernal), Mold-release agents (KAPPA-C, Neo Slicker, etc.), and Reactive Fish Printing Paper (GyoTackle) etc. We will continue to provide products that meet customers’ desire using years of experience.

Manufacture of Chemical products

[Strength of products/technologies]
The photocatalyst coating material Titernal utilizes the photocatalytic reaction and provides excellent Antibacterial, Odor eliminating and Self-cleaning performance. Our strength is the special organic binder, which is our patented technology. The organic binder of Titernal is resistant to oxidative decomposition of titanium oxide, so it protects and strongly adheres to the coated material. These are the biggest features of Titernal. Fushimi can also provide mold-release agents designed to meet specific purposes, such as plastics, rubber, matte release, FRP, and internal additives etc. Unlike other mold-release agents, our product gives excellent mold releasing performance and does not affect the modled materials as natural raw materials are mainly used. Also, it is easy to fabridate the molded materials as the release agent can be removed easily after molding.

[Representative's message]
Our Mold-release agents and photocatalysts have been used for years. However, our products are not yet widely known. We are always confident with the performance of our products as well as our swift response. Fushimi has a great potential as a unique company, and we believe that we can be a good business partner with many more customers. Our next step is to publicize our strengths more widely and expand our business field.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Fushimi uses our well-established experience and know-how of our engineers to respond to the request from new customers. While our customers are mainly in the textile and construction industries, our products are also used in other fields. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems with the relevant chemicals. Currently, we provide our products through trading firms in Japan, but in the future, we intend to establish an internal system to directlyt deal with overseas customers.

[Awards and media coverage]


[Intellectual property]
(1) Trademark registration: Titernal; Patent: Base material containing photocatalyst (Japan and China)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
(1) Major textile manufacturers (Photocatalyst Coating Material Titernal)(2) Major building materials manufacturers (Mold-release agents)

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
(1) People’s Republic of China, Chile (Photocatalyst Coating Material Titernal)(2) Philippines and Malaysia (Mold-release agents)

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