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Latest update: 28/01/2019 14:45:48

Seiwa Kougyou Co., Ltd.

We manufacture large parts for industrial machines and powder equipment.

We process large precision parts for industrial machines and manufacture powder equipment such as mixers and dust collectors. We offer large-sized precision processing techniques and rapid processing delivery. We handle parts for display inspection devices, lithium secondary battery manufacturing devices, etc. of major electric machinery manufacturers, and parts for conveying devices for distribution system manufacturers. Regarding power equipment, we deliver mixers to facilities of major manufacturers of lithium secondary battery materials and food seasonings, and dust collectors to production facilities of resin manufacturers. We established Seiwa Suzhou Jiang Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, China in 2012. We have Chinese-speaking staff at our head office, and are also considering expanding overseas in other countries.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have two divisions, welding and machining, which are indispensable for metal processing, and we manufacture and process, with high precision, large cans of 6,200 x 3,200 x 1,800 mm by a large five-side machine. Our human resources ensure high-quality manufacturing: we have trained ten welding technicians approved by JIS and four who have acquired JIS welding management techniques in the welding division, as well as five certified machine inspection skilled workers in the machine division.

[Business description]
We carry out integrated work ranging from fusion cutting of materials, manufacturing and processing of cans made of stainless steel, SUS and aluminum to precision machining, focusing on large precision parts for industrial machines and aircraft. We acquired a license from Kyo Tech Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of powder equipment, in 2013, and established Kyo Tech Operation Division for a different new business. We also design, manufacture, assemble and sell power powder equipment (mixers, dust collectors, etc.) in accordance with customers’ specifications.

Manufacture of industrial machine parts, and designing, manufacture and sale of powder equipment

[Strength of products/technologies]
We ensure top quality from the material stage by procuring domestically-produced high-quality SS400 materials (9-110t). We also ensure high accuracy, high quality and short delivery periods by in-house integrated processing. This processing covers the quality of materials, can manufacturing and processing, and machining. The processes include precision fusion cutting by a CNC control gas fusion cutting machine, and high-precision welding by a precision welding fixture device (eight devices in total) for in-house plane cutting once a year, and precision machining by six five-side processing machines of various types. We track the production state and history for each order (lot) in real time by our original order acceptance and production management system.

[Representative's message]
We have a history of more than 60 years since our foundation, and have developed many possibilities through the generations. The average age of our technical employees is 29 and the average length of continuous service is 8 years. Unity and harmony among our employees are not limited to personal relations but are utilized for operations among divisions. We are proud of leveraging various opportunities to deliver results through our human resources. We will acquire new customers and expand our business by taking advantage of this feeling of unity and developing the next generation of leaders.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
A person skilled in manufacturing and techniques is assigned to each manufacturing position, and handles inquiries from companies including new customers. Regarding overseas development, we established Seiwa Suzhou Jiang Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, China in 2012 to provide Japanese quality overseas. We are now hiring Chinese-speaking staff for our head office to facilitate the work. We aim to meet broad needs by employing global personnel proficient in foreign languages, and to expand in other countries on the basis of the company in China.

[Market share/Ranking]
We are a leading company in terms of the quality and delivery of large precision parts processing for industrial machines.

[Awards and media coverage]

NHK “Business Juku (business private school)” (broadcasted January 2003)

Obtained ISO 14001 (March 2008)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
We have a proven track record of processing parts for production facilities of major electric machinery manufacturers, etc., as well as many other manufacturers. We handle everything from manufacture to assembly of aircraft parts and carrier device parts for physical distribution system manufacturers, in the same field. We have also produced mixers for major comprehensive nonferrous metal manufacturers and food manufacturers, and dust collectors for major resin processing manufacturers.

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