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Latest update: 15/07/2021 11:19:44

Takano Co., Ltd.

We have advantages in aluminum sheet metal processing technology for cleanrooms.

Our three main businesses are precision sheet metal processing, metallic pipe processing, and assembly work. It is characteristic of our company that we can conduct integrated production covering from sheet metal expansion to manufacturing, inspection, surface treatment, assembly, and delivery. We have established the quality control unit necessary for integrated production as an independent organization in our company in order to maintain quality. Another of our advantages is that we have a management system that assures very high-mix low-volume production. We have established this system based on our transactions with liquid crystal and semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers. We have achieved deliveries with an average lot size of eight pieces throughout a year. (We produce 7,000 items per month, with a production quantity of 56,000 units per month.) 


Our company is a Japanese sheet metal processing company. We are ISO 9001 certified. Our business is Contract manufacturing with metal 3D printer. We have TRUMPF’s metal 3D printer TruPrint1000. Our main advantages are 3. 1.High quality aluminum modeling with metal 3D printer:Shapeble plate thickness:0.2mm(min.) 2.Extensive modeling result:Over 500 units modeling results(Our main customer:leading automaker,precision equipment maker and so on) 3.Strong network with industry, academia and government: Government research institutions(Research institutions cooperated to improve the quantify physical properties of molded products. )