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Sozai Koubou Co., Ltd.

Provide safe building materials under the theme of a “house that can heal and relax your body and mind.”

We plan, develop, manufacture, sell and implement building materials that are safe and comfortable for users. We provide building materials from which harmful chemicals that cause sick-house syndrome or allergy are eliminated and are selected for their minimal adverse effects on human health and the environment. We developed VOC gas-free “Kaiteki Plaster,” interior paint mainly made from scallops and manufactured using inorganic substances without a bonding agent. We aim for construction materials manufactured from recycled local resources and sustainable natural materials. We are devoted to developing authentic products that reflect our clients requirements. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Facing the crisis of chemical pollution of housing, we research a wide range of eastern and western medicines and folk medicines. We also established the Sozai Kobo for R&D and consultation on non-polluting, or low pollutant, building materials in addition to providing direction and consultation on environmentally friendly housing. Our corporation strives to realize a recycling society and to recover the significance of primary industry, placing the biggest importance on the “recycling society.” We are also involved in various health-related education initiatives.

[Business description]
We plan, develop, manufacture, sell and implement building materials that are safe and comfortable for users. We at Sozai Kobo, provide and select safe building materials under the theme of a “house that can heal and relax your body and mind.” We provide comprehensive house construction services including development, manufacturing, sales and implementation of the building materials. The materials are selected with human health and the environment in mind, such that any harmful chemicals that cause sick-house syndrome or allergies are eliminated. 

Manufacturing (Manufacture, sell and implement building materials and equipment)

[Strength of products/technologies]
We think using uncompounded natural building materials is the only way to leave houses that can be a true social asset for our descendants and the Earth. We are dedicated to the development of such materials. We never compromise and only use materials selected to meet our standards for health and the environment, from which as many chemical substances as possible are eliminated, so most of them can be disposed of by incineration. Not limited to certain items, we provide almost all materials necessary for house building. Our main product is building materials that are free from chemical treatments such as antiseptic or insect repellent. 

[Representative's message]
We established Ambiex Architect Office in 1990 to promote local recyclable construction and sustainable life. We then thought that more people could benefit from our products so they could lead healthier lives in consideration of the natural environment. We then established the Sozai Kobo in 2000. Our R&D reflects our clients’ opinions and we strive to provide our clients with authentic products.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We introduce a comfortable and healthy life through housing built with natural materials and new and remodeled house tours jointly hosted by our group company Tennen Jyutaku. Using our network and know-how built up through the business, we hold “Living and Link” seminars (co-hosted with Tennen Jyutaku) to communicate useful information about healthy day-to-day living from different perspectives. We also promote thinning the forest by barking and tree planting in the Ecora Forest and hold events for environmental protection to draw in more customers interested in houses made with natural materials. 

[Market share/Ranking]
Our CEO, Akinori Sagane, began studying housing that kept residents healthy long before chemically polluted air in houses became an issue. He has taken a leading role in the field for over 26 years.

[Awards and media coverage]

An article about a Housing Project using our building materials for disaster recovery was carried in the July issue of National Geographic, Japanese edition. An article about rental housing using our building materials was carried in Zenkoku Chintai Jyutaku Shimbun newspaper on April 14, 2014

Governor of Tokyo Metropolis License No. 132880 (pan-26) 

[Joint research and development]
Prof. Najima, Department of Urban Design and Planning, School of Architecture at Kogakuin University provides us with technical support for our performance tests in new partnerships.

[Intellectual property]
Patent No. 2000-000215 “Wall surface finishing material”
(Applicant: Yoshie Iwakoshi, Ambiex Co., Ltd.)

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
PanaHome Corporation, Misawa Homes Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd., Mitsui Home Co., Ltd., SEKISUIHEIM Kinki, Ltd., and Bunka Shutter Co., Ltd.

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