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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:30:56

System Support Co., Ltd.

High-pressure atomizing devices and desktop-type stirring devices for laboratories and production plants

We manufacture high-pressure atomizing machines and desktop-type stirring devices which utilize fluid-friction-based atomizing technology. We sell these to product development laboratories and production plants in the medicinal, cosmetic, food, and fine-chemical industries. Our atomizing technology utilizes the shearing force of fluid friction caused by the speed and pressure differences of incoming and existing material fluids at the boundary plane between the two fluids. This force arises when the incoming fluid, which has gained high-pressure energy upon passing through an ultrahigh-pressure nozzle, strikes the existing fluid. This results in pure atomization by using the fluid friction between materials to eliminate impurities and bubbles.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our non-cavitation wet-type high-pressure atomizing device “Systemizer” offers excellent cost performance and many advantages including high strength, corrosion resistance, thermal tolerance, and durability. For the sealing (packing) between the high-pressure cylinder and the plunger, we use high-density polyethylene which is resistant to the additional energy and heat generated by reciprocal motion. As a result, the lifespan of our parts is 10 times longer than those of our competitors. 
For the high-pressure cylinder body, we employ precipitation hardened stainless steel, which is used for the cannon barrels of combat tanks. We provide high quality not only for our customers’ material fluids, but also for our own products. Based on our motto of “A passion for quality will change conventional thinking,” we actively conduct research and development and serve our customers. Nanomaterials are still an unexplored frontier for us and we believe there are tremendous possibilities for using atomizers in this field. Let’s change conventional thinking, and create new value.

[Business description]
Our company is located in Osaka, and we manufacture and sell wet-type high-pressure atomizing devices. A key advantage of “Systemizer”, our non-cavitation wet-type high-pressure atomizing device, is its clean processing capability which eliminates any contamination or cavitation because, instead of a carrier, it utilizes fluid friction caused by the pressure difference (max pressure: 250 MPa) and speed gap (max speed: Mach 1.4) between materials. It is used in fields including medicinal products, cosmetic products, electronics and many others. We also manufacture and sell “Sysmix”, a non-cavitation high-speed stirring machine, and vacuum emulsification devices.

Manufacturing of production machines and devices

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our non-cavitation wet-type high-pressure atomizing system “Systemizer” is very popular and widely used in the medicinal, cosmetic, and fine-chemical industries. In the past, atomization technology mainly used cavitation and collision with carriers as the energy sources. In contrast, we developed an innovative method which does not use either of these two energy sources: it uses fluid friction caused by the pressure and speed differences between material fluids. This atomizing technology uses the shearing force of fluid friction caused by the speed and pressure differences of incoming material fluid (max pressure: 250 MPa, max speed: Mach 1.4) and existing material fluid (back pressure range: 5-20 MPa) at the boundary plane between the two fluids when the former, which has gained high-pressure energy upon passing through an ultrahigh pressure nozzle, strikes the latter. Since it uses fluid friction between materials, it results in clean atomization without impurities and bubbles. The technology does not put any extra load on the material fluids or devices. We are ready to evaluate and examine your system if you are a developer who is keen to raise quality.

[Representative's message]
We regularly exhibit our products in the booth of a partner company at Interphex Japan, an annual business show held at Tokyo Big Sight. During the event, we also visit and approach other exhibitors in the medicinal, cosmetic, food, and other relevant industries for sales. Our employees actively attend social events, business matching events, and other business-related occasions in the industry. As a result, we met a university professor and proposed an industry-academia partnership. High-pressure atomizing devices still have tremendous possibilities in many other fields. We will improve our technical capabilities in order to contribute to the development of industries which require safe and high-quality products and services, while also entering new businesses and fields. We accept all inquiries; don’t hesitate to call us.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
To develop new sales channels, we signed a tie-up agreement with Mutual Corporation, a trade firm in Osaka, and set up a sales department in our company. We host business seminars and actively participate in social events, business matching events, and other business-related opportunities in the industry. In addition, we provide information through SNS on the internet, and updated our website last year.

[Market share/Ranking]
2 medical products companies, 4 cosmetic companies, 1 electronic component company

[Awards and media coverage]


Certified as Type A in the tax system for promoting investment in productivity-enhancing facilities of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

[Intellectual property]
Trademark registration certificate No. 5736489, Trade name: Systemizer

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