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Latest update: 24/05/2021 21:49:52

AdPower Solutions Inc.

AdPower has developed for the purpose which is as close as possible to 100% of the engine combustion.
AdPower is supplying over 30 countries and more than 380,000 units from the development in 2015.

*What is AdPower? 
It can increase your engine life, can power up and can clean any exhaust gas. You may enjoy fuel saving. AdPower is effective for both gas and diesel engines. 

*Original Technology 
AdPower was developed based on special pigment, fiberglass, special alloy and breakthrough combustion promotion devices. 
AdPower make clean the oxygen and improves fuel efficiency dramatically to achieve clean car exhaust. 

*Clean Exhaust Gas 
AdPower can decrease 25% to 35% of harmful emissions, as was found when the technology was tested by the Japan Automobile Transport Technology Association. 

*Enhance Engine Performance 
AdPower makes the accelerator lighter, increases speed rapidly, makes the car goes up hill easier, increases power and torque, and makes for a smooth and silent engine.

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[Company strength]
AdPower Solutions Inc. is developing and manufacturing the business of ‘one and only’ technology and product. We achieve domestic and overseas environment business development of Japanese technology and product. Also we achieve foreign product and company of business development in Japanese market.

*Business Results 
There are over 30 countries sales recorded and users of this 
product are increasing. Popular customers include leading bus and truck companies and individual drivers. AdPower is now available in the global market from Japan.

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