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Latest update: 27/04/2017 14:29:29

Kurume Kougu kenma Co., Ltd.

We recycle various cutting tools such as end mills.

We are involved in the cutting tool recycling business. We take back unusable tools and re-grind them, and then deliver them within a fixed period. We also support needs for quick deliveries with our special express delivery service. We handle a wide range of orders such as drills, key seaters, pie cutters, and metal saws, with a focus on end mills. We make use of our expertise and experience in re-grinding to take on the creation of standard end mills, alteration of drill tip angles, and special tool manufacturing. We have a track record of doing business with NSK Kyushu, Yanmar, and Miike Industrial Machinery. We are also preparing a system that takes overseas expansion into consideration.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We possess 14 sets of general-purpose machines, and we have a staff of highly-skilled experts with 30 years of expertise. We make use of these general-purpose machines to grind tools that cannot be handled with NC, such as end-mills with a tool diameter of diameter 50 or more. Tools that are to be ground using NC are also roughly processed in advance with our general-purpose equipment. This is how we can reduce the NC operation time required for each piece of a tool, while targeting continuous refinement of our technology. Cutting tools are used in various industrial categories, so our customers are also involved in various fields. We visit customers to directly take back cutting tools. This is done so we can get to know the customer’s requirements for the cutting tools and quickly provide necessary support.

[Business description]
We re-grind cutting tools that have become unusable in manufacturing and offer them for reuse. We routinely take back cutting tools and deliver or ship them within a fixed period. We also support special express deliveries. We re-grind drills, key seaters, pie cutters, and metal saws, with a focus on re-grinding end mills. We make use of our re-grinding technology to create standard end mills, alter drill tip angles, and manufacture special tools. We can also create bits and manufacture ultra-hard brazing cutters, metal saws, and so on, through our cooperating enterprises.

Manufacturing (tool grinding)

[Strength of products/technologies]
We can process an article to the exact size when a common difference range is designated. Our normal delivery period is one week, but we can also support quicker deliveries. We handle side cutters, chamfering cutters, and so on in addition to end mills and drills. We can also manufacture cutting tools with special shapes, and grind chamfering cutters with diameter 120. We take on requests for special tools, as well as the ordinary drills and end mills that we are familiar with. We will not give up even if we are not familiar with such a tool. We apply the experience we have accumulated to date and our craftsmanship to contrive ideas of how to grind the tool, and do whatever it takes to grind it. We confirm the dimensional accuracy of the outer diameter, R precision, and angle by using inspection equipment made by the German company OCS.

[Representative's message]
We aim to expand our markets and improve and continue our technology power by using a Monozukuri subsidy to introduce a German-made grinding machine, and by recruiting new employees. We want to study the optimal shapes of cutting tools for materials, and aim to further enhance our technology power and know-how.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are now reconsidering our operations for new customers in order to improve business efficiency and reduce time. We can apply this reconsideration to smoothly handle quick-delivery items and further improve accuracy. We are also considering expanding our workforce. We plan to pass down the skills of expert craftsmanship to the younger generation and improve our method of education. We also want to establish a corporate system for market cultivation and overseas expansion.

[Awards and media coverage]


[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
NSK Kyushu, Yanmar, and Miike Industrial Machinery.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Nippon Monozukuri World 2016 M-Tech.

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