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Magellan Systems Japan, Inc.

We propose solutions in the satellite communications field in Japan and abroad.

We provide solutions in the satellite communications field. We are developing our own original services in satellite positioning technology such as GPS and related element technology. We provide original internet protocol (IP) and hardware (module) products according to customer needs. We developed the L1Multi GNSS RTK module, which features positioning accuracy of less than 1 cm (fixed point) at a low cost. Our products have attracted attention from manufacturers of farm machinery, industrial equipment, and cranes, including major tractor manufacturers, and they have been selected for automatic operation and monitoring use. We have done business with many clients in Japan and overseas. We have an extensive track record in joint R&D with private enterprises and universities. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
The positioning sensitivity and positioning accuracy of our products are second-to-none, and are generally accepted as the best in the world. Our L1Multi GNSS RTK module features positioning accuracy of less than 1 cm (fixed point) at a low cost. It has recently been attracting attention from major manufacturers of tractors, farm machinery, industrial equipment, and cranes. We have started to develop and supply products for automatic operation and monitoring of these kinds of machines and equipment. We also possess our original technology for IMUs (inertia calculation equipment), as well as high-precision GNSS. We are one of the few companies in the world that can achieve advanced coupling between GNSS and IMUs.

[Business description]
We conduct independent development and optimization of satellite positioning technology such as GPS and related element technology according to customer needs. We also possess technology we can offer in the form of IP and hardware (module) products. We are the only company in Japan that has such technologies.

IT (satellite communications)

[Strength of products/technologies]
The cost of a highly precise PPP satellite positioning module has been approximately 1 to 2 million yen. Drastically reducing this cost makes it possible to encourage the rapid spread of automated machine operation. This applies to machines for agriculture, forestry, fishing, and construction, and the automatic operation of means of transportation including automobiles, as well as safety control systems using high-precision positioning information. In the B-to-B field this contributes to improving management and high-efficiency operations (IOT) via cloud operation of machines and vehicles. In the B-to-C field it will make it possible to ascertain the movement of people and goods with a higher degree of accuracy. This is how it will become a future public asset technology for constructing an advanced society such as a smart city.

[Representative's message]
We are a technology-driven venture enterprise. We have been focusing on technology development and acquiring related intellectual property rights as our biggest targets. We cannot increase the number of sales and marketing staff at present, so we think that our best approach is to make use of our existing alliances with licensees. Our biggest advantages are speedy decision making inside the company and flexible organizational changes according to each project. We also plan to advance preparations to set up a marketing department that can handle multiple tasks.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our customers are entering global markets, so the existing licensees of our technology are spread over many countries as well as Japan. Our core engineering groups are working on development projects in the United States (four staff members) and Russia (five staff members) as well as Japan. Their highest priority is placed on efficiency. A period of five years and a budget of 1.5 billion yen were normally considered to be necessary for the commercialization of satellite positioning technology and chip development. We have been able to complete these processes including many related technologies with a budget of 1 billion yen, and moved to the commercialization and sales phase. This was very fortunate, and we are also proud of this achievement.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have the largest share of the domestic Japanese market for automatic operation use equipment for tractors for agriculture, farm machines, construction machines, and industrial equipment (including robots).

[Awards and media coverage]
CEATEC AWARD 2015, Grand Prize (in the social innovation section).

IT Media Business Online. 

[Joint research and development]
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Fujitsu, NEC, California State University, California Institute of Technology, Kyoto Institute of Technology and Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology.

[Intellectual property]
We have acquired 24 patents (16 of these patents are for key GNSS technology).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Sumitomo Electric, Kubota, Yanmar, Iseki, Sharp, Panasonic, Tadano, Yamaha Motor, Furukawa Electric, NEC, Hitachi, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Japan Marine United, and so on: GNSS modules, IMUs, and evaluation kits.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Power Chip Semiconductor (Taiwan), Rakon Limited (New Zealand), Spectracom (USA), and Symmetricom (USA): All transactions are technology licenses.

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