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Ohtsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

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[Company strength]
Our company can manufacture thermosetting urethane rubber products from large to small articles. We can manufacture iron-making urethane rollers up to 1,800 mm in diameter. We can also manufacture linings for large barrels. We have experience in mass-producing OA-related articles as small products. We have sufficiently high flexibility to handle various products as well as various materials to satisfy requirements for individual uses. We have both a sales office and a factory at each of our sites to quickly satisfy customer requests with high-mix low-volume production. We also focus on technical development and we are devoted to developing new products and materials.

[Business description]
We mainly manufacture and sell industrial products as a manufacturer dedicated to thermosetting polyurethane rubber. Our company was established in March 1971, and we began our 46th term in April 2017. Our main products are iron-making urethane rollers for automobile steel sheets, wheels (solid tires), OA related products (rollers and blades), molded products, materials (plates, and so on), and screen-printing squeegees. Our urethane rubber products contribute to society as functional parts in various fields. We have a total of four sales sites in Osaka and other areas. We manufacture products under an integrated production system from urethane rubber casting to finishing (lathing, polishing, and so on).

Polyurethane rubber product manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our thermosetting urethane rubber products have excellent load resistance and abrasion resistance and they are used as functional parts in various fields. We are now developing special urethane rubber materials by adding additional functionality including solvent resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance (weak acid resistance, and so on), and dynamic characteristics. Our company is highly appreciated for solvent-resistant screen-printing squeegees and applicator rollers, as well as wheels with dynamic characteristics (automatic warehouse wheels, and so on). We possess technologies for developing materials, and also for testing vehicle runs and evaluating and designing cleaning blades.

[Representative's message]
We established our market development and sales department about four-and-a-half years ago as a specialized team for sales channel development in Japan. This department is building up a track record by acquiring new customers from major enterprises to SMEs. We have been gradually expanding our sales channels for overseas transactions mainly involving Korea since about a decade ago. We will expand our sales channels to countries where industry is advancing, such as China, Vietnam, and other countries in Southeast Asia.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our market development and sales department is in charge of cultivating domestic Japanese sales channels. Our new sales team directly visits customers at their request. We have overseas transaction staff in our market development and sales department as a liaison for inquiries related to overseas business expansion. Our technical department and manufacturing department provide technical consulting through our sales staff in Japan and abroad. We are preparing a system for handling overseas companies in China, Korea, and Vietnam, and we are now promoting the assignment of global human resources.

[Market share/Ranking]
(1) Japanese market: 75% to 85% in the Japanese market (estimated).
(2) Japanese market: 50 to 60% (estimated).
(3) Japanese market: 10% (estimated).

[Awards and media coverage]

Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Kinki Edition), company introduction; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Local Edition), technology introduction; and several other introductions.

ISO 9001:2003 and ISO 14001:2008 certification.

[Joint research and development]
Tokyo City University and the Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology: Joint development of a vibration-related device (since 2009).

[Intellectual property]
We have about 20 patents and utility models pending, and several patents and utility models have been registered.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Ironworks of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, JFE, and Kobe Steel; West Nippon Expressway Company Limited (NEXCO West Japan) and the former Japan Highway Public Corporation; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, IHI, and Kawasaki Heavy Industries; Amada and other major machine tool manufacturers; Ricoh and other major OA equipment manufacturers; many major manufacturers of machinery and other products.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Samsung, LG (Korea), AUO (Taiwan), ironworks and plants in countries throughout the world, and SMEs in China, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.

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