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NSS Kyushu Co., Ltd.

We are making use of our original plasma equipment to contribute to achieving a clean environment.

Our company develops plasma equipment. Our original KEI-CP40 plasma generator makes toxic substances in water harmless and provides sterilization against airborne viruses and mold bacteria, without having to use any chemicals at all. Our goal is to contribute to creating a clean society. We do business with Panasonic Environment Engineering, Tokyo Electron Kyushu, Rohm Hamamatsu, Micro Engineering, and so on. We have a track record of overseas transactions in the USA and Singapore. We received the 2012 Monozukuri Grand Prize of Kumamoto City for our pulse system equipment for water purification and air improvement.


Sales Pitch

Battery regeneration and life extension devices
Easy to connect, and shows CCA recovery on the LED display.
Plasma technology eliminates sulfation in a form different from other companies.
This product is applicable to all 12V lead batteries.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our original KEI-CP40 plasma generator product: Our original KEI-CP40 plasma generator makes toxic substances in water harmless. It also provides sterilization against airborne viruses and mold bacteria. It is effective against various forms of water and environmental pollution on a global scale. (Difficult-to resolve organic substances can be resolved without having to use chemicals at all. OH radicals are stably generated by low-temperature plasma in water. Organic substances are resolved by means of the ionization reaction.) Our goal is to realize a clean society. We are also involved in the authentication business, so we have confidence in the safety of our products.

[Business description]
(1) We develop, design, and manufacture plasma equipment.  
(2) We provide CE marking authentication (Korea; Europe and North America). 
(3) We offer product development services (from high-voltage to light electric equipment).

Development, design, and manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
(1) A large volume of OH radicals are generated by applying a high voltage and causing a gas-liquid discharge in liquid containing various bacteria and chemicals, such as factory effluent and environmental pollutants. The strong oxidization of OH radicals (about 80 times stronger than ozone) destroys germs, and difficult-to-resolve substances are finally resolved chemically to the molecular level, and made harmless. Toxic substances in the air can be reduced by generating micro vibrations. Our product is clean equipment in which chemicals are not used at all.
(2) We provide safety authentication consulting, CE authentication, S-Mark authentication, and KC authentication.
(3) We offer equipment development, design, and system design and development.

[Representative's message]
We are advancing the strengthening of our company in the following three areas, which are of the highest importance.
Human resources: Our goal is to obtain the best human resources, in the form of staff members who can thoroughly implement decided targets, and who have clear preferences.
Technology: We aim to demonstrate the highest level of technology, by quickly satisfying customer needs, and proactively learning new things.
Quality: We will provide the highest-quality service by being able to reliably satisfy customer requirements, and conduct any kind of task persistently and reliably.
We will provide high-quality service that obtains unshakeable customer trust and satisfaction by taking these three themes into consideration. Our company as a whole is working hard to enhance the quality and improve the efficiency of our business. Our goal is to achieve further improvement. We are also promoting activities to become a well-disciplined company and a top-level company. We thank you in advance for your patronage.

[Awards and media coverage]
New Product and New Technology R&D Project selection by Kumamoto City (FY2011); Prototype Development Support for Monozukuri SMEs selection by Kumamoto Prefecture (FY2012); Monozukuri Grand Award of Kumamoto City, for our pulse system equipment for water purification and air improvement (FY2012).

Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun, “Toward a Flight Experiment of a Rocket Equipped with Artificial Intelligence” (October 22, 2009); Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun, Made in Kumamoto, “Development of a Small Water Cleaner that Uses Plasma in Water” (February 26, 2010); Shukan Keizai, No. 1637, “Water Processing System Put on the Market by NSS Kyushu: Hard-to-Resolve Organic Substances Can Be Made Harmless Using Low-Temperature Plasma” (August 30, 2011); Kyushu Economy and Industry Bureau, presentation at the 88th Eco School, “Discovered! A New Business Born from Water (Theme: Water and Plasma)” (June 12, 2015).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Panasonic Environment Engineering, Tokyo Electron Kyushu, Rohm Hamamatsu, Micro Engineering, and so on.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
USA and Singapore.

[Exhibition History/Information]
New Value Creation Exhibition 2015.

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Kyushu Head Office, SMRJ