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Latest update: 30/11/2016 19:37:29

Taiyo Parts Co., Ltd.

We are a metalworking manufacturer that responds to a wide range of processing needs. 

Our company manufactures and sells metalworking products. Our business has expanded as we have attempted to satisfy customer needs for various manufacturing methods, such as aluminum processing, machining, forging, and die casting. We established our original Eco Die Cast method in the field of die casting, which makes it possible to easily change dies. This method is suitable for small lot production of around 50 pieces, and satisfies various other kinds of needs. We have experience in a number of industry-university collaboration projects. This includes joint research with the Joining and Welding Research Institute at Osaka University. Our customers include Matsushita Electric Works, Hitachi High-Technologies, Yamaha Motor, and other major domestic Japanese manufacturers. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
(1) We provide various ideas about aluminum processing, machining, forging, and other topics. We possess a patented technology for small-lot die casting production, and our ideas are not limited to a specific manufacturing process. Our Eco Die Cast method makes it easy to replace dies (the customer is responsible for only the cavity section). This makes it suitable for small lot production (50 pieces or more).
(2) We can make a die at half the cost of conventional dies, while the precision remains the same. Ensuring quality is the most important point in overseas procurement. 
(3) We offer overseas production with stable quality, at lower cost. Our company has acquired know-how and an information network from our many years of overseas production. We can make use of these assets to offer stable quality products at lower prices that satisfy the needs of our customers.

[Business description]
Metal parts are used everywhere, such as in automobiles and plant equipment. Our main products are dies, which are indispensable for manufacturing these metal parts. We have dedicated specialists, but we also work with many partner companies from various fields. Our combined technological strength has earned official recognition, as indicated by our receipt of the Excellent Manufacturer Award in 2008. Technological innovation is driving the need for parts with higher precision, which expands the scope of our field as a result.
(1) Parts department: This department has broad-based manufacturing knowledge. This makes it possible to suggest the most advantageous manufacturing method for each customer, without sticking to a particular method. We are confident that products manufactured in our plant or our partner plants will surely satisfy our customers. Our technical staff can handle assembly in addition to manufacturing, if we are asked to do so.
(2) Housing material department: This department develops mainly built-in kitchen parts and other convenient products for houses. The department works with overseas plants to procure some of the items so that we can offer good prices as well as good technology to our customers. The strong development, design, manufacturing, and quality assurance capabilities of this department make it possible to provide good products. 

Distribution, hoisting, and conveying machinery development, design, and manufacturing 

[Strength of products/technologies]
We can deliver any kinds of extruded aluminum products, whether it is a single prototype or complex assembly. The billet (base material) is heated to around 600 °C to push it out through various dies (extrusion dies) in the same way that seaweed jelly is shaped into noodles. This is how extruded aluminum products are manufactured. We suggest an optimal manufacturing method for each customer’s needs. This service includes design and development of the cross-section and assembly of extruded aluminum moldings, all the way up to packaging, regardless of the lot size. We can make moldings with prototype dies, or make aluminum moldings for mass production, at your request. Machining aluminum is another of our strengths. Please consult us if you have problems with press working or machining.

[Representative's message]
Our company has done business under the basic concept of asking ourselves how we can make customers happy ever since our establishment. I think that our business has been growing up to the present day because our customers have been willing to involve us in a great deal of problem-solving. Changes have been happening faster since we entered the twenty-first century, and needs are becoming more diverse. Fortunately, however, our company is full of youthful energy and a spirit of challenge. I believe that it is our fundamental mission to become the best partner to our customers. This will be based on the broad range of know-how we have accumulated, and by making use of our own functionalities as a manufacturer and trading company. We will continue to commit ourselves to our main business, and to become a company that can make customers happy, as an indispensable part of society. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our sales activities are more oriented toward approaching potential customers who have taken an interest in us through exhibitions and our website. The actual requests we receive from individual customers vary greatly. It still takes a great deal of effort before we start to make suggestions, even after we get used to the tasks given to us by each customer. We always bear in mind the question of how can we solve problems for our customers. We try to capture the customer’s vision of what they want to make, while giving technical advice so that we can proceed to make it a reality. We also plan to make use of subsidies from government and public support organizations to enhance our technology and maintenance precision. Our goal is for our company to grow into an indispensable partner to many companies in a wide range of fields. We have never been in the red for 34 years since our establishment, so we hope to strengthen our sales force to acquire new customers and maintain profitability.

[Awards and media coverage]
Osaka Monozukuri, Excellent Company Award (January 2009); Excellent Manufacturer Award (2008); Excellent QC Promotion Company (Osaka Prefecture, March 1998); NEWQIG (manufacturer with voluntary quality control) certification by Panasonic (April 1996). 

Television Tokyo, “World Satellite,” as a small-town workshop that is growing thanks to a unique approach (June 15, 2015). 

ISO 9001:2000 (October 2001); ISO14001:1996 (April 2003). 

[Joint research and development]
Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University: Joint research project to develop advanced methods for laser welding and joining, surface reforming, separation and removal, and material processing, and to conduct basic research about various processing mechanisms. This project covers metallic materials, and also ceramics, plastics, and other materials to gain basic insight on how high-quality, advanced joints can be continuously manufactured. It also includes research into various other topics such as monitoring during laser welding. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Matsushita Electric Works; Hitachi High-Technologies; Yamaha Motor; and so on.

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Marketing Support Department, SMRJ
Kanto Head Office, SMRJ