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We possess technology for manufacturing molds for powder metallurgy molding and cold forging molding

Our company mainly manufactures and sells powder metallurgy molds, cold forging molds, and plastic molds for producing pulleys, clutches, and other automotive parts. We have been manufacturing powder metallurgy molds for over 40 years. We have many skilled workers and the latest machining equipment, and our products feature micron-order precision and great durability. Our company has four sales and manufacturing sites outside Japan, and we manufacture aluminum die-cast products in Indonesia. We will deliver products for other industries and in lineups other than our existing products in addition to molds for existing automobiles. Our goal is to be a department store for molds.


Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our company has been manufacturing powder metallurgy molds that must satisfy particularly severe precision requirements among molds for 40 years. We are now expanding the machining technologies we have cultivated to various molds such as cold forging molds, magnetic powder metallurgy molds, and plastic molds. Mold production requires final finishing by skilled workers using the latest machining equipment, and our company has sufficient resources in both of these areas. We have built up five sites in Japan and four overseas for sales and manufacturing to establish a complete supply system. Our overseas sites are also ready to provide molds of the same quality to local customers by strengthening linkages with Japan regarding machining technologies.

[Business Description]
Our company manufactures and sells high-precision molds, and mainly powder metallurgy and cold forging molds. We can now design products and manufacture trial articles under an integrated system by making use of simulation software and experimental press machines. We are ready to serve more customers. Our company has many mold manufacturing sites in Japan and abroad. We manufacture magnetic powder metallurgy molds, plastic molds, and die sets in addition to powder metallurgy and cold forging molds. We are expanding our business in a wide range, even to the manufacture of aluminum die-cast products in Indonesia.

Metal mold manufacturing and related parts and accessories

[Product and Technical Strengths]
At our company skilled engineers manufacture high-precision molds based on their skills and experience by properly considering the relationships between mechanical characteristics, processing shapes, and materials. The machining ratios of the molds can be increased with the latest NC machining tools under optimal conditions. The final surface finishing is done with high quality by skilled workers. Our technical strength is that we can manufacture high-precision molds by applying the machining technologies, craftsmanship, and high-precision NC machines we have accumulated for many years. Our molds have micron-order precision and feature excellent quality, cost, and delivery (QCD).

[Representative's Message]
We will consolidate our foundation in Japan with powder metallurgy molds and cold forging molds. We will also challenge ourselves to new fields to expand our business and become a department store of molds. Japanese automobile-related departments have advanced into all of Asia and seem to be expanding their business. We are looking for business opportunities in Asia and also in Europe and America by keeping in contact with local offices.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
Our company has five sites in Japan for sales and production and four overseas (Wuxi in China, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and Karawang and Tengerang in Indonesia). We have established a sales development system for customers in Japan and abroad.

[Market Share and Rank]
We have the top share in the powder metallurgy mold market (according to our own survey).

[Joint Research and Development]
Spiral bevel gear manufacturing technology using forging (with Japan Science and Technology Corporation and Okayama University); manufacture of spiral bevel gears by cold forging and their sales (with Okanetsu Industry Co., Ltd.); other (with Okayama University and Kanto Gakuin University)

[Main Customers and Track Record (in Japan)]
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., Hitachi Metals, Ltd., Fine Sinter Co., Ltd., and so on (part manufacturers related to automotive parts)

[Main Customers and Track Record (overseas)]
Sumiden Powder Metallurgy (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. and Precision Sintered Products (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. in China, and so on (part manufacturers related to automotive parts)

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