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Latest update: 30/11/2016 19:30:54

Takenoiri Kougyou Co., Ltd.

We are promoting both our metal working and machinery and equipment businesses as mainline businesses.

Our company is growing by promoting two mainline businesses: metal working, and machinery and equipment. We can cover almost all machining processes in-house in our metal working business. We manufacture high-mix low-volume products by machining and have accumulated expertise regarding materials and machining methods. In our machinery and equipment business we mainly manufacture and sell cleaning machines equipped with micro-bubble generators. We receive repeat orders from major companies for our cleaning machines. Our products have been delivered to major domestic Japanese companies such as Chubu Electric Power, Toyota Motor, and Panasonic. They have also been adopted by overseas factories of Japanese companies.

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[Company strength]
Our company has a one-stop production system in which we can do everything in-house. We can cover from concept to design, to part machining (lathing, milling, and other processing), welding, assembly, and electric wiring. This allows us to immediately make any necessary corrections or additions. This means that we finish products faster than other companies who need to consign design, machining, welding, assembly, and electric wiring to other companies. Our company is highly appreciated among our customers for the machinery and equipment we deliver, and also for this in-house system.

[Business description]
Our company’s history began with metal working, and we have been manufacturing automotive and aircraft parts one article at a time. We have been engaged in mass production, but we have been finishing each piece carefully for many years. Our company does not refuse orders, and does not wonder whether or not we can do something. We are sure that we have been able to acquire the technologies to satisfy customer requests by making every possible effort to achieve them. We started to manufacture machinery and equipment by making use of our technologies. We mainly manufacture cleaning machines and install them overseas as well as in Japan.

Manufacturing (metal working, machinery and equipment assembly, design, and electrical wiring)

[Strength of products/technologies]
Metal working business: We can perform almost all machining processes in-house. We do a lot of business in high-mix low-volume machining. This is why we have a wealth of knowledge about materials and machining methods and high technical power for machining in all kinds of metal working.
Machinery and equipment business: Our main products are cleaning machines equipped with microbubble generators. We receive repeat orders from major companies for our widely acknowledged products. Our microbubble generators are superior to the products of other companies in their cleaning effects, space saving, and cost reduction. Cleaning machines equipped with our microbubble generators are attracting a great deal of attention for industrial uses.

[Representative's message]
Microbubbles have still a great many potential applications. Cleaning with water, bubbles, and heat is friendly to the environment and does not produce any harm. This is why there seems to be sufficient demand for their use in Japan and also overseas. We think it is an important role for our company to meet many companies looking for higher-level cleaning at exhibitions and create cleaning machines that meet their requests. We are confident that the further improvement of microbubbles will enable us to work in a wide range of fields in addition to the manufacturing industry. Our company is still young, which is why we still have so much potential. We will proceed with extending our sales channels in Japan and with reliable overseas expansion to realize our potential.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our design and sales divisions are capable of making technical proposals based on our achievements to date, and they are in charge of technical consulting about cleaning machines. We have sold our cleaning machines to the overseas factories of Japanese companies. We will strengthen our connections to local corporations to further extend our overseas sales channels. We are already developing a product for the overseas market with the cooperation of a trading firm, which will contribute to our direct transactions. We are now steadily preparing products, human resources, and systems for reliable overseas expansion in the future.

[Market share/Ranking]
We provide products to major companies such as Chubu Electric Power, Toyota Motor, and Panasonic. We receive high appreciation for product performance and functionality, and also repeat orders.

[Awards and media coverage]

Chubu Keizai Shimbun, introduction of mass production of our part cleaning machines in the Nagoya Edition (January 27, 2015).

[Joint research and development]
We ask our customer about the characteristics of the object to be cleaned when we are consulted about a new cleaning machine. We inquire about legal regulations and restrictions, and the customer's installation site and other circumstances, including the assumed cost. We propose a cleaning method, equipment structure, and other items according to the requirements. We then hold a meeting and conduct a review with the customer's engineering staff. We conduct joint performance and function evaluation tests with the customer at the evaluation stage to promote joint development.

[Intellectual property]
Cleaning Equipment (Japanese Patent Application No. 2004-366591).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Our company has delivered dedicated cleaning machines directly or indirectly to major companies, such as Chubu Electric Power, Toyota Motor, and Panasonic.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
We have provided cleaning machines to overseas factories of Japanese companies.

[Exhibition History/Information]
Product exhibition planned for the 2016 Good Job Fair, to be held at Tokyo International Forum on August 2 (Tuesday) and 3 (Wednesday), 2016 (from 10:00 to 18:00).

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