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We are developing a global business with products including our original internal rotary gear pumps.

We are a manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic machinery founded in 1947. We mainly manufacture and sell internal rotary gear pumps, vane pumps, and vacuum pumps. We have many clients in Japan including Kansai Paint, Kurarey Engineering, Sumitomo Chemical Engineering, and so on. In our overseas business we have a track record of exports to Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Our company’s founders started to manufacture internal rotary gear pumps in 1934. Since then we have accumulated R&D results, and acquired patents for our internal rotary gear pump and so on. We have confidence in technology related to fluid transfer. We are advancing our acquisition of new customers in Japan and abroad as a specialist in fluids.

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[Company strength]
Water pumps account for 95% of the pump industry, and the remaining 5% are for liquids other than water. Our main products are internal rotary gear pumps, which can convey viscous liquids that are difficult to convey, and our target is to capture this 5% niche market. The heat resistance of our product is as high as 420 degrees, so it can support plant use with a focus on petrochemical systems. We also have confidence in our manufacturing know-how, such as selecting an optimal number of gear rotations and materials according to the liquid type.

[Business description]
We manufacture pneumatic and hydraulic machinery (we manufacture, sell, and maintain internal rotary gear pumps, vane pumps, vacuum pumps, and so on). We are a pioneer enterprise in the field of internal rotary gear pumps. In 1934 our company’s founders were the first in Japan to manufacture inner rotary gear pumps, and our company was founded in 1947. Since then we have conducted various kinds of remodeling and new model development, and accumulated an extensive record of deliveries of liquid transfer products with a focus on petrochemical plants. In 2017 our company will celebrate the 70th anniversary of our foundation. We also hope to continue further technical innovations as a specialist in fluids, and advance globalization with our supreme quality.

Pneumatic and hydraulic machinery manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our internal rotary gear pumps have been adopted by coal liquefaction test plants in Japan and abroad. These are special pumps that require wear resistance at a liquid temperature of 380 °C. There are currently no problems in operation and we receive high evaluations for these products. We can also support special specifications, from standard pumps to pumps for conveying fluid with a high viscosity of 2,500,000 mPa·s. We can support liquid transfer in various industrial fields according to various orders.

[Representative's message]
We manufacture mass products in China, but we are particular about Made-in-Japan production for custom-made items. We are also working to optimize the manufacturing process, such as advancing the parts standardization we introduced starting nine years ago. We have also been working hard to enhance our capacity and output in order to support the growth in plant sizes in foreign countries. The maximum discharge capacity is currently 10,000 liters per minute. We have achieved a capacity that is about 1.5 times greater than that of our competitors. Our corporate philosophy is that business is sincerity, and we hope to continue to respond to customer needs on this basis. In the future we will focus on receiving orders from new plants in the Middle East and India.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have established an overseas business department in our sales headquarters, which works as a point of contact for overseas inquiries. We are prepared to provide support in English and Chinese. We also established a local subsidiary company in Shanghai, China, and have arranged a production system with a focus on mass products. We assigned a resident staff member from our company in Thailand in order to support market needs in Southeast Asia, which have been rapidly increasing in recent years. Our sales department will work as the point of contact for technical consultations. They will conduct sales engineering in cooperation with our staff in the engineering department.

[Market share/Ranking]
Gear pumps, vane pumps and rotary pumps, etc.: We have a domestic Japanese market share of about 35 to 40%. (We have a track record of deliveries to many major chemical corporations.)

[Awards and media coverage]
100 Kansai Vibrant Monozukuri SMEs (June 2009); Energetic Osaka! Monozukuri Enterprise (2010 edition).

World Business Satellite (WBS), “Wazaari! Japan’s Potential Power” (January 7, 2013).

Acquired ISO 9001 certification (October 1998).

[Intellectual property]
Registered patent: Internal Rotary Gear Pump (Japanese Patent No. 2845174).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Paint, chemicals, and foods: Kansai Paint, Takeda Chemical Industries, Meiji, and so on.Plant manufacturers and engineering companies: Kurarey Engineering, Sumitomo Chemical Engineering, JGC, and so on.Resin and other articles: Sumitomo Chemical, Mitsui Chemicals and Mitsubishi Rayon, and so on.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Dairen Chemical (China), DIC Indonesia (Indonesia), Thai Containers Group (Thailand), Poly Chemical Engineering (Taiwan), Hyundai Engineering (Korea), and so on.

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