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Latest update: 30/05/2017 18:04:41

Kouryou Kagaku Kougyou Co., Ltd.

We are experienced in handling plastic products for the food and medical fields.

We are a manufacturer of plastic products established in 1962. Our company manufactures and sells dessert cups and other food containers. We also provide infectious substance transport vessels, electronically sterilized petri dishes, and other medical examination devices. Our products include unique articles for the medical industry. We have also done business with major domestic Japanese companies such as Fujifilm, Toyobo, Sumitomo Bakelite, Ono Pharmaceutical (TherapITs), and Cosmolife. We have a total of 19 injection molding machines from 75 to 350 tons at our head office factory and Gojo factory. We have established a system capable of meeting various customer requests, and we have been extending our business volume.


[Product description] Our company is obliged to provide particularly strict quality and sanitation management for the food containers and medical devices we manufacture and sell. This is why we have a mechanism and in-house system for thorough quality and sanitation management in all processes from production to packaging, warehousing, and delivery. This has been highly appreciated among our customers, and has helped us continue to grow until the present day. We are strengthening our system in terms of both hard and soft technology for continuous growth into the future. We have installed cleanrooms and acquired ISO 13485 certification for our medical device quality management system. Our company provides one-stop service under our integrated management to satisfy various customer needs. We have established a collaboration system with proven companies in different fields, without being limited to our injection-molded products. We can coordinate with these partners to provide one-stop services under our integrated management to satisfy various customer needs. [Authorization/Certification] ISO 14001 certification for both the head office factory and Gojo factory (2006). Class II medical device manufacturing and sales license (2010). General medical equipment manufacturing license for the head office factory (2010). Designated controlled medical device manufacturing and sales license for our ATOMS tap product (2011). General medical equipment manufacturing license for the Gojo factory (2012). Veterinary medical device manufacturing license for the head office factory (2015). ISO 13485 (medical device quality management system) certification for the Gojo factory (2015). General medical device manufacturing and sales business to be registered for fabric swabs (medical cotton swabs) (2016). [Intellectual property] Test Blood Sampling Instrument and Method (Japanese Patent Application No. 2008-008757). Handheld Viewer for Blood Testing (Japanese Patent Application No. 2005-106551). Biological Sample Collecting Container for Examinations (Japanese Patent Application No. 1994-148178). Sediment Smear Container for Clinical Examinations (Japanese Unexamined Utility Model Application Publication No. 1994-072056). Cup for Combined Megaphone Use (Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3022925). [Major facilities and equipment] Head office factory (premises: 2,690 square meters; building: 2,694 square meters). Gojo factory (premises: 6,683 square meters; building: 4,154 square meters). Injection molding machines: 75-ton (2 units), 130-ton (1 unit), 150-ton (5 units), 180-ton (3 units), 220-ton (3 units), 230-ton (3 units), 280-ton (1 unit), and 350-ton (1 unit). All units equipped with ejection robots, and with automatic raw materials supply systems (Gojo factory). Dry-offset curved surface printing machine: 1 unit. Pad printing machines: 2 units. Image inspection devices: 2 units. Automatic cap assembling machine: 1 unit. Automatic medical swab assembling machine: 1 unit. Automatic dispensing machine: 1 unit. Automatic chip aligning machine: 1 unit. Capping machine: 1 unit. Cleanrooms (head office factory: Class 10000; Gojo factory: Class 100000).


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