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Kouryou Kagaku Kougyou Co., Ltd.

We are experienced in handling plastic products for the food and medical fields.

We are a manufacturer of plastic products established in 1962. Our company manufactures and sells dessert cups and other food containers. We also provide infectious substance transport vessels, electronically sterilized petri dishes, and other medical examination devices. Our products include unique articles for the medical industry. We have also done business with major domestic Japanese companies such as Fujifilm, Toyobo, Sumitomo Bakelite, Ono Pharmaceutical (TherapITs), and Cosmolife. We have a total of 19 injection molding machines from 75 to 350 tons at our head office factory and Gojo factory. We have established a system capable of meeting various customer requests, and we have been extending our business volume.

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[Company strength]
(1) We can manufacture products in a wide range of sizes by injection molding. (Production using 19 injection molding machines from 75 to 350 tons at two sites: our head office factory and Gojo factory.)
(2) The processes from materials input to molded product output are automated and energy-saving.
(3) We have established one-stop processing from secondary processing after molding to six-color curved surface printing, reagent dispensing, and packaging.
(4) We have acquired licenses for manufacturing and selling medical devices. We also acquired ISO 13485 certification to maintain and manage high-level quality at our clean factory.
(5) We provide one-stop convenience through a tightly knit network in order to meet various requests from our customers. This includes companies in different industries having various technologies, and is not limited to our in-house injection-molded products.

[Business description]
Our company manufactures plastic products by injection molding (in some cases, partial manufacturing including assembly), mainly on an OEM basis. The main uses of our products are as dessert cups and other food containers. We also directly deliver medical examination devices to major medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. Our medical examination devices include the industry's first large-capacity infectious substance transport vessels. We also provide electronically sterilized petri dishes, urine test instruments, serum separation instruments, and sputum sampling instruments, which can be designed according to customer requests. We develop, manufacture, and sell original products partially developed in-house, such as inner ear sample collecting instruments and nasal cavity and oral cavity mucosa sampling instruments.

Plastic product manufacturing and sales 

[Strength of products/technologies]
We provide major medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies with clean, high-quality plastic molded products maintained and managed at our clean factory. Our company has mainly been providing safe, low-cost food containers made by general-purpose injection molding, and we are also developing new technologies based on this experience. We developed and established JK-BROW two-stage molding technology in a project approved for the New Partnerships program. This technology involves forming a product using injection molding in the first step, and then subjecting it to forming by blow molding in the second step. We have applied this technology to extend our sales channels to wide-mouth bottles and other large-diameter containers made of general-purpose PET, PP, and PS resins. We have also applied it to gallon containers and other large-size articles.

[Representative's message]
Japan’s birth rate is falling and the population is decreasing, but the medical device market is continuing to grow despite the population decline. It can be said that this is a very attractive market. We initiated a medical division to establish a small but secure position in this market. Our main business strategy is to make our medical division the driving force for sustainable growth. My hope is that our employees enjoy rich lives even while they are working as hard as they can, and to make a contribution to local society by increasing employment. This is why the greatest theme for our company to take on is to advance into the medical device market and establish a track record in this field.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our Osaka sales office mainly serves as our point of contact. We also have our own website for e-commerce. We believe there are almost no injection molding manufacturers of the scale of our company with greater quality and sanitation management power, both in terms of hard and soft technology. We will further improve our quality and sanitation management power and develop new fields such as medical devices. This will be done by making use of the great mobility unique to SMEs. We will also actively take on assembly work.

[Awards and media coverage]

Mainichi Shimbun, Nara Shimbun, Nanto Monthly Report, and so on.

Medical device manufacturing license, Class II medical device manufacturing and sales license, designated controlled medical device manufacturing and sales certification, veterinary medical device manufacturing license, ISO 13485 (medical device quality management system) and ISO 14001 certification, and New Partnerships approval (2008).

[Intellectual property]
(1) Test Blood Sampling Instrument and Method (Japanese Patent Application No. 2008-008757). 
(2) Handheld Viewer for Blood Testing (Japanese Patent Application No. 2005-106551). 
(3) Biological Sample Collecting Container for Examinations (Japanese Patent Application No. 1994-148178). 
(4) Sediment Smear Container for Clinical Examinations (Japanese Unexamined Utility Model Application Publication No. 1994-072056). 
(5) Cup for Combined Megaphone Use (Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3022925).

[Factory (domestic)]

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
DRI-CHEM examination devices to Fujifilm (direct); urine test plates to Toyobo (direct); genetic analysis kits to Sumitomo Bakelite (direct); TherapITs to Ono Pharmaceutical (direct); preforms and caps for home water server bottles to Cosmolife (direct); dialysis parts to Asahi Kasei (indirect); infectious disease diagnosis kits to Denka Seiken (indirect); and dessert cups to 7-Eleven (indirect).

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