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Latest update: 12/04/2017 14:55:54

O.H. Industrial Co., Ltd.

We are an established work tool manufacturer that is on its way to expanding business overseas. 

Our company is a work tool and logistics equipment manufacturer established in 1954. We manufacture and sell hammers, casters (press casters, heavy duty casters), and wire tie downs (belt wire tie downs, wire tie downs). Our products also include pallet belt systems, sling belts, fall and loss prevention holders, and so on. Overseas expansion has been our focus since 2014, and we are currently designing and developing products according to the environment and situation in the destination countries. Registration on the SMRJ (Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan) business matching site J-GoodTech will be an opportunity for us to accelerate our customer acquisition. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company has designed and developed a wide variety of work tool products while thoroughly analyzing the quality, safety, and functions of work tools in the use environment. Our industrial hammer now has a market share greater than 80%. We have been striving to become an innovative company with flexible thinking to quickly adapt to changes for 70 years since our establishment. We have been working to create new added value (products) for society, such as the development of our own original products. 

[Business description]
We offer work tools and logistics equipment that are manufactured using our own furnaces, forging machines, thermal treatment, and coating. Our products include hammers (for industrial and household uses), casters (press casters, heavy duty casters), and wire tie downs (belt wire tie downs, wire tie downs). We also provide pallet belt systems, sling belts, fall and loss prevention holders, slings (wire, belt), and chain and lever hoists.

Work tool manufacturing and sales

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our strength lies in our design and development capabilities that allow us to offer high added value in terms of quality and safety for simple products such as work tools. All our products are developed under a consistent concept of offering optimal products for the use environment in the field in the same lineup. We maintain various test data on our developed products, in addition to internal human resource development in the fields of technology and development. Official evaluations are consigned to public institutions, but we have an established framework to support the work of outside engineers. 

[Representative's message]
Overseas sales (mainly in the US and Canada) accounted for 40% of our total sales volume until 1985, and our company received commendations for our contributions to export. Our focus shifted to the domestic Japanese market due to the strong yen, and now overseas sales accounts for only around 1% of our total sales. Domestic Japanese demand is decreasing due to recent deindustrialization, and it will be difficult for us to grow if we do not engage in exports. We have been focusing on exports since 2014. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We try to design and develop products with consideration for the situation in destination countries. We are hoping to develop more products for export and acquire more overseas customers after registration in J-GoodTech. In his “Theory of Evolution,” Darwin made the point that it is not the strongest or the smartest who survive, but the ones most adaptable to change. We will work hard to expand overseas, based on our company’s winning principles “New, Valuable, and Logical.” 

[Market share/Ranking]
Our industrial hammer has an 80% share of the market, while our belt wire tie downs account for 20% and our belt slings 10% of their respective markets. 

[Awards and media coverage]
11th Higashi Osaka Manufacturing Grand Prix.

We have been mentioned many times in newspaper articles (Nikkei Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun) and TV programs (Japan Broadcasting, Nippon Television, and Television Osaka). 

ISO 9001; ISO 14001.

[Intellectual property]
We have 13 registered patents and 10 registered utility models, in addition to 10 pending patents.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Our glass fiber handle hammer is used by many automobile, construction machinery, and shipbuilding manufacturers as a designated work tool. Many made-to-order versions of our belt wire tie downs have been introduced in their plants for transporting and storing semi-finished goods. Our casters have been adopted in the aircraft and shipbuilding industries as a supporting structure for dry-dock maintenance work. 

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Kansai Head Office, SMRJ