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Latest update: 30/11/2016 19:18:04

Ibuki Machinery Co., Ltd.

Production ranging from press molds to welding robot jigs

We manufacture molds for automotive parts, such as progressive molds up to 600 t, transfer molds up to 1,000 t and line pacer molds up to 250 t. With respect to press mold-embedded industrial machines, we manufacture house roofing members (long objects up to 10 m), random press facilities and welding facilities/jig facilities. With respect to machining, we perform the design and manufacture of press molds and press mold-embedding industrial machines, and machining of large press molds, with a full understanding of the characteristics of press molds such as large punching die molds and hot-press molds. We widely supply our products and services to the automobile, construction machine, housing and steel furniture industries.

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[Company strength]
Our company has the following capabilities developed through design and manufacturing technology and over 35 years of experience in press molding (5,000 molds):
Integral production from design through assembly of press molds
Design/production of press mold-embedded industrial machine facilities
Proposal of VE/VA, using press mold analyzer and three-dimensional solid design
Handling of ultra-high-tensile steel
Product evaluation without inspection jigs, using non-contact three-dimensional measurement device
Various trials using hydraulic presses, servo presses and extra-large presses which can mass-produce prototypes of a mold having a total length of 2,500 mm
Executing thorough follow-up after delivery, such as advising on how to maintain molds and machinery facilities, thus showing strength in “press molding and associated technologies”

[Business description]
Our main businesses are the design and manufacturing of press molds and press mold-embedded industrial machines, and the machining of large press molds. We supply the following products and services, with a full understanding of the characteristics of press molds, to customers in the automotive part, housing, steel furniture, food container, and agricultural machinery industries.
[Press mold] Molds for automotive parts (progressive mold up to 600 t, transfer mold up to 1,000 t, line pacer mold up to 250 t, etc.)
[Press mold-embedded industrial machine] House roofing members (long objects up to 10 m), random press facilities and welding facilities/jig facilities
[Machining] Large mold punch/die and hot-press mold parts (using large high-speed 5-axis processing machine)

Press mold and industrial machine manufacturing industry

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our core strengths are press mold-embedded industrial machine facilities among press molding and associated technologies. We are highly acclaimed for greatly reducing costs, reducing delivery times, and improving processing quality. For example, we reduced the number of processes and in-process inventory by approximately 50% in a welding facility and jig facility for optimizing a random press line for mansion name-based production of house roofing members (long objects up to 10 m) and welding processes, thus enabling high-mix continuous production. We also reduced the number of processes and improved processing precision by approximately 50% by four-way simultaneous molding of steel furniture and panel cam bending molds.

[Representative's message]
We intend to expand overseas by leveraging our 5,000 press molds produced. Many of our molds are already used in overseas plants of our customers, but we intend to deal with customers all over the world to raise our level. We also aim to improve our press molds and associated technologies, thereby becoming an essential partner for our customers.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Three staff in the sales department and the Chairman & CEO develop sales channels, including forging closer ties with existing customers, winning new customers and handling technical inquiries. With respect to overseas deployment, many of our molds (200) are already in use in the overseas plants of our customers (North America, Indonesia, Brazil, and Thailand), though such customers are not foreign companies. There is potential demand overseas, so we wish to establish a system and grow overseas while receiving advice from support agencies.

[Market share/Ranking]
Industry-leading design and manufacturing of press mold-embedded industrial machine facilities

ISO 9001 (2002)

[Joint research and development]
Strategic Core Technology Advanced Program (SAPOIN) (2014) “Development of technology for three-dimensional molding and simultaneous cutting of insert material for automobile seats”

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
[Delivery performance] We directly deal with more than 40 companies including end manufacturers and one major tier manufacturer (automotive parts, housing members, construction machine parts, steel furniture, agricultural machines).[Contents] Press molds, welding facilities/jigs, press mold-embedded industrial machine facilities, and large mold punches/dies and hot-press mold parts

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