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We supply original IT systems throughout Japan.

Our company develops IT-based systems. We developed a system for people with hearing and speech disorders that enables them to place 119 emergency assistance calls. We have delivered systems to 30 fire departments in Matsuyama, Niihama, Imabari, Seiyo, Rikuzentakada, and other cities throughout Japan. We run integrated operations through all stages of a project from the proposal to design, development, sales, and maintenance, and we provide systems as an ASP. Our emergency call system has been patented (“Emergency Call System, Emergency Call Methodology, Operator Device, and Emergency Call Program”). We are also advancing sales of our original SkyRTC product, which makes use of cutting-edge WebRTC communications technology. SkyRTC lets people make video calls, send files, and chat just by using browser functions.

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[Company strength]
Monozukuri craftsmanship from the customer’s point of view: Our strength is that we offer integrated in-house operations from proposals to sales and maintenance. We do not imitate similar systems. We strive to make a system as easy as possible for the customer to operate by always taking the customer’s perspective into consideration in the design stage. This is why you can use our systems right away without needing a manual. Hearing that our product is easy to use is our highest compliment. 
Innovative technology skills: SkyRTC is a product we developed in-house, which required our innovative technology. We developed the SkyRTC system with a manufacturing, business, and service innovation subsidy in FY2014.

[Business description]
Our company has been developing systems based on IT technology since our establishment. In 2002 we began to focus on emergency call systems for people with hearing and speech disorders. We became the first company in Japan to develop a system enabling them to place 119 emergency assistance calls. We carry out all stages of a project exclusively in-house, from the proposal to design, development, sales, and maintenance. We provide systems to local governments as an ASP, and for these clients we take care of sales, delivery, and installation ourselves. We have installed systems at 30 fire departments in Matsuyama, Niihama, Imabari, Seiyo, Rikuzentakada, and other cities.

ICT and Internet-based services

[Strength of products/technologies]
We turned our attention to WebRTC, which is a cutting-edge communications technology. WebRTC is a breakthrough technology for real-time browser-to-browser communications. It was initially put forward by Google in 2011, and it is being standardized by the W3C. The revolutionary system we developed using WebRTC is unprecedented in Japan. Our SkyRTC product lets people make video calls, send files, and chat just by using browser functions. It supports server-less peer-to-peer communications, so information cannot be intercepted and read, which means that information can be sent with a high degree of anonymity.

[Representative's message]
We are a company with a small, highly skilled workforce. Our slogan is to create systems that don’t yet exist in the world. In our SkyRTC product we have implemented real-time communications with the cutting-edge communications technology WebRTC. SkyRTC provides virtual store experiences over the Internet for shoppers at home and enables maintenance firms to troubleshoot problems in the field without traveling to the site. We anticipate that many industries will adopt SkyRTC because of this convenience. We have set up a sales model to meet the requirements of clients who are particular about customization.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have one central point of contact for new business sales and contracts. Technical questions are handled by the system development division. Our president oversees support for new clients and strategically important clients and promptly addresses client questions and concerns. Our company holds regular meetings and actively exchanges and shares information. As a company we take pride in delivering objectively ideal systems to our clients by sharing information and expertise without depending on an engineer’s skills or opinions. We are actively exploring overseas expansion by making use of exhibitions and personal connections.

[Awards and media coverage]
Recommended Fire and Disaster Prevention Product by the Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan; Sugowaza Manufacturing Company Program certification by Ehime Prefecture; Niihama Manufacturing Brand certification by Niihama City.

Nankai Broadcasting, “Seeking Signs of Activity” (June 28, 2015); Nihon Keizai Shimbun (May 19, 2015).

[Joint research and development]
National Institute of Technology, Niihama College, Ehime Prefecture: R&D project for the Gachapi Pocket mobile phone for seniors and the disadvantaged (2008).
Halex Corporation: Joint development of the Disaster Relief Sakimori Location safety confirmation service with location display functionality (2012).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Over 30 fire departments throughout Japan from 2004 to the present (Net119 emergency call system for people with hearing disorders).

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Shikoku Head Office, SMRJ