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Latest update: 30/11/2016 19:15:48

Kiracs Co., Ltd.

Our company offers packaging materials and devices mainly to the food industry.

We are a food packaging material and device manufacturer established in 1965. Our company manufactures and sells paraffin processed products, laminated paper, film and metal products, constant-temperature distribution containers, biodegradable plastic film products, glass bending products, and laminated products. Our products have been adopted by a major convenience store chain and major confectionary manufacturer. We also offer our original Barrierstar vapor- and water-proof material, which is exported to Japanese companies operating in the overseas automobile and machinery markets. We have particular confidence about developing value-added materials where we can apply our specialty processes of coating, bonding, pasting, and laminating. We plan to improve our visibility as an enterprise, and accelerate our growth. 

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[Company strength]
Our company excels at developing and manufacturing high-value-added products that can involve the application of paraffin processing and laminating processing. This includes coating, bonding, pasting, and laminating. We currently have four operations within the company: (1) the packaging system division; (2) the hybrid materials division; (3) the logistics support division; and (4) the glass business division. These business units normally develop and manufacture products independently in their own fields. We bring together our distributed know-how and engineers to develop high-value-added products, to create synergy and enhance efficiency. This flexibility and synergy are our strengths. 

[Business description]
Our company was established in 1965 as a manufacturer producing artificial bamboo sheaths by coating paper with paraffin (waxing). We later began to manufacture various products, such as hybrid material products (including vapor-proof barrier materials and constant-temperature distribution containers), and glass bending products. Our current lines of business are as follows.
(1) Sales of packaging materials and devices for food.
(2) Manufacturing and sales of paraffin processed products.
(3) Manufacturing and sales of laminated paper, film, and metal products.
(4) Manufacturing and sales of distribution materials such as constant-temperature distribution containers.
(5) Manufacturing and sales of biodegradable plastic film products. 
(6) Glass bending and laminating.
(7) Warehousing.

Food packaging material and device sales; glass bending, reinforcing, and coating 

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our current focus is on our high-value-added glass business. Bent glass is often used in buildings to create natural curves to soften the sharp straight lines of urban spaces. Our construction bent glass is highly valued by our customers because it meets the high design standards they are facing. Our glass showcases in the field of industrial bent glass make our customers’ cherished products look even more beautiful or delicious. Each glass product is customized as an industrial material to meet the customer’s needs, in areas such as practicality and sophisticated design. We can also offer other kinds of glass, including double-layer glass, laminated glass, resin coated glass, and glass with zero-clear coating. 

[Representative's message]
Our coating-related glass business is a first attempt for our company, so we will actively explore this new market. Our company has a total of four divisions, and each division operates both in Aichi Prefecture and in other wider areas, such as Osaka and Fukuoka Prefectures. I think that anti-fouling coating for indoor and outdoor glass is in demand in many fields. Each of our divisions and sales offices will work hard to understand the needs for these glass products. They will respond to customer needs so that our glass business will grow to be another pillar of our company. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Sales engineers in each division respond to technical inquiries. Dedicated personnel and the manufacturing division both deal with inquiries from potential customers. This is done so that we can provide precise, flexible support even for unexpected applications and unknown fields. Our divisions are operating in different fields, so each division will approach potential customers through connections with existing customers. We also focus our attention on food service industries (both eat-in and eat-out), food processing, and housing. 

[Market share/Ranking]
We hold the No. 2 rank in the industry, including both direct and indirect deliveries.

[Awards and media coverage]
Aichi Brand Company.

Chubu Keizai Shimbun, “Nagoya Power” (July 22, 2014); Softbank Business, “Top 100 Companies in the Chubu Region” (September 26, 2011). 

ISO 9001:2000; ISO 22301:2012.

[Intellectual property]
Registered patents include: Article Storage Case (Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Nos. 2010-254311 and 2010-235187). We have 17 open patents.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Our packaging materials are used by a major convenience store chain (bags for Chinese dumplings; ongoing), and a major confectionary manufacturer for candy wrappers. In the field of distribution materials our constant-temperature distribution containers are used for food transportation, and also for blood transportation at many blood centers throughout Japan. This is because our products help to maintain an appropriate temperature. 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Our Barrierstar vapor- and water-proof packaging material has been very well received in the automobile and machinery industries. We think that our customers in these industries are shipping this product to their overseas sites. 

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