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Latest update: 26/02/2020 10:25:12

Y. S. M. Co., Ltd.

We have a track record of delivering our LED light guide plates to the Seven Stars in Kyushu “cruise train,” and so on.

We manufacture and sell custom-made finishing hardware, including LED light guide plates and custom-made LED illumination. We offer integrated processing from design to manufacturing, sales, and implementation, and support various customer needs. We have a history of doing business with Kyushu Sharyo Shizai, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fuji Kyuko, and so on. Our LED related products are utilized in the Seven Stars in Kyushu “cruise train,” the high-speed boat Koshikijima, and Mt. Fuji View special express trains. We carry out our own original measures to prevent wire breakage, and there have been no claims of broken wires to date.

Main image

Sales Pitch

Flexible plane emission panel technology competitive in the market
Our company developed a Flexible Flat Light Panel (FFLP) featuring plane emission and flexible bending. By registering its design, we developed a unique plane emission panel capable of illuminating curves.
Our company developed a flexible resin board that enables laser processing of a resin board. The plane emission panel is illuminated by trapping light inside. The resin board emits light vividly depending on the board color or can be bent to a screw form depending on the laser processing direction for plane emission.
Shapes are created using molds with heat in the conventional method if there are needs for having finished walls or pillars illumined by bending.
Our new panel can reduce the mold-making cost and lead time. The panel is also applicable to signage and displays because it is as thin as about 4 mm.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have an advantage in LED light guide plates. We introduced LED light guide plates ahead of our competitors, and made improvements by making use of the precision sheet metal technology that we have cultivated so date. This is why we can also manufacture light guide plates with irregularly shaped plates. We have made use of this technology to deliver products to JR Kyushu for various “cruise trains,” including Seven Stars in Kyushu and the JR Kyushu Sweet Train. We also developed our Flexible Flat Light Panel (FFLP) product as a new project this year. This product realizes surface emission from a curved surface, which had not been possible with FFLP products.

[Business description]
We offer integrated design, manufacturing, and sales of LED light guide plates, custom-made LED illumination, and custom-made finishing hardware. This is done by making use of our know-how on thin sheet metal.

LED emission panel, LED illumination, and finishing hardware manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We make use of our original technology to prevent wire breakage in LED light guide plates. Thus far we have had no claims for wire breakage regarding our light guide plates used in trains. Our advantage is that we can make proposals for light guide plates with irregular shapes that cannot be made by other companies, as well as a method for easy installation. This is done by making use of our precision sheet metal know-how. We hope to develop flexible surface-emitting panels without making molds by making use of FFLP technology, and to develop this field as our core business.

[Representative's message]
Our core offerings are LED illumination products, and we think the leading role played by these products will increase instead of incandescent lamps. In this context we are always thinking of introducing free ideas and designs. We hope to make our best efforts in technology development, and pursue being a company of constant growth without being satisfied with our current situation. We will do this to keep up with the changing times, and to respond to the quick delivery, small-lot, and design needs of our customers as much as possible. This is why we hope to develop high-quality illumination products with attractive designs. We will achieve this by making use of market development tools such as J-Good Tech and various exhibitions, ascertaining market needs, flexible ideas, and technology power. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are very much a small-town factory, but we have met various people at exhibitions where we have shown our FFLP product, and sensed various possibilities for our business. We plan to expand our surface-emitting panel business as a pioneer of these products, with our LED light guide panels for planar products, and our FFLP for curved surface products. So far we have been only involved in Monozukuri craftsmanship. This is why we had limited sales channels and did not know how to develop the market. We want to try not to miss the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and business meetings, and to aggressively advertise our products.

[Market share/Ranking]
We do not have detailed share data. We consider from our extensive record of deliveries for “cruise trains” that we have a certain level of market share.

[Awards and media coverage]

Saitama Shimbun, “Sokojikara Saitama” (February 14, 2015); Plastics Age, monthly magazine, “This is Made with Plastics” (October 2015).

[Intellectual property]
Design registration acquired: Japanese Design Registration Nos. 1510025 and 1510211.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Kyushu Sharyo Shizai: We delivered LED light guide plates and LED illumination for “cruise trains” such as JR Kyushu’s Seven Stars in Kyushu and JR Kyushu Sweet Train.Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: We delivered LED light guide plate illumination for the high-speed boat Koshikijima. Fuji Kyuko: We delivered LED light guide plates and LED illumination for Mt. Fuji View special express trains.Willer Trains: We delivered LED light guide plates and LED illumination for Tango Akamatsu, Tango Aomatsu, and Tango Kuromatsu tour trains.Dawn Design Research Center: We have delivered LED light guide plates and LED illumination.Arusu: We have proposed and delivered LED light guide plates and LED illumination.Kimoto Sign: We have proposed and delivered LED light guide plates and LED illumination.Asanuma: We have delivered finishing hardware.Shidagumi: We have delivered finishing hardware.TKM: We have delivered finishing hardware, and so on.

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