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Yamagishi Drop Forging Co., Ltd.

We support low-volume forging needs.

We are a manufacturer of hot forging products founded in 1962. We supply our products in a variety of fields including buildings, bridges, automobiles, construction machines, industrial equipment, machine tools, and ships. We have many clients in Japan, including Okubo Gear, Ogura Clutch, Nippon Gear, and so on. We have a track record of indirect deliveries to BMW through Ogura Clutch. We also provide sales, thermal treatment, machining, and physical distribution of various steel materials in order to support a range of customer needs. We are willing to accept low-volume forging work as well as mass products, and we have been expanding our business by proposing optimal solutions.

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[Company strength]
We support forging requests from customers who have given up on low-volume production and complicated shapes, and who are looking for machining from round bars. We can support customers who need to make low-volume forging products, as well as mass production. Conversion to forging has various advantages, such as a reduction in the amount of raw materials and machining processing, and strength enhancement. We also handle many different kinds of steel materials, and provide in-house processing support for dies that are indispensable for manufacturing industries. We already have a track record of providing deliveries in the shortest possible time from order reception.

[Business description]
We carry out contracted manufacturing of various forms of hot forging products for a variety of industries. We supply high-precision, high-quality hot forging products for automobiles, construction machines, industrial equipment, machine tools, ships, and so on. This includes high-quality forged products for vibration dampers and base isolation dampers for buildings and bridges. We also provide integrated sales, thermal treatment, machining, and physical distribution of various steel materials.

Precision die forging and precision closed press forging

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have established the equipment necessary for high-mix low-volume production by making the best use of the original technology power we have been cultivating in our 50-year history. This has been done by manufacturing products such as bevel gears and pinion shafts. We now supply hot forging products that realize reduced machining processing and the addition of complicated shapes. This is in addition to the parts we produce for automobiles, construction machines, and industrial machines for which high strength is required. We conduct high-precision, high-quality production of mass products such as automobile parts and industrial machine parts. This is done using a fully-automatic lever press and with a closed forging method that does not produce burrs. We can support air stamp hammer forging from 2 kg to 80 kg, as well as small-lot production.

[Representative's message]
We take the opportunity of displaying our hot forging products at various exhibitions to promote our company. Our goal is to expand our market as well as our existing fields. We also hope to pursue expansion of our business so that we can make proposals and contributions to new markets.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have assigned staff members in charge of new transactions in the production management department. They will be the point of contact for inquiries from major companies. Our engineering staff will provide support for technical consultations, and they will visit the customer directly in order to find solutions if necessary. We plan to establish a system making use of our sales staff so that we can participate in exhibitions as much as possible.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have a certain share of the domestic Japanese and overseas markets.

[Awards and media coverage]


Acquired ISO 9001 certification.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Okubo Gear, Ogura Clutch, Nippon Gear, and other companies listed on the First Section of the stock exchange. We will refrain from naming them because of non-disclosure agreements.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Indirect delivery to BMW and other companies through Ogura Clutch.

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