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Latest update: 30/11/2016 19:07:10


We are an equipment manufacturer considering business expansion to ASEAN countries.

Our company possesses comprehensive knowledge and experience about systems, devices, and equipment in the social and industrial fields. This allows us to provide special aeration agitators in the field of equipment for water treatment facilities. We can provide high-mix low-volume binding, packaging, assembly, and transport machines in the field of equipment for industrial facilities. Our objective is to continue to provide our technologies and high-performance, high-quality high-mix low-volume products at quick turnarounds and low prices. We established an overseas sales section in our sales department in 2010 and have been developing sales channels mainly in ASEAN countries. We will actively promote international expansion through collaboration with various companies.


[Product description] Our company has been accumulating technical innovations to open a new future for humans and water since the invention of Japan's first energy-saving aeration agitator in 1975. The Hanshin Aquarator always embodies our philosophy and technology at their highest levels. The value of the Aquarator has been evolving through various scenes of use as the benchmark of Japan's aeration agitators. Our philosophy remains unchanged despite the changing times, and our technology continues to evolve and point the way to the future. The Hanshin Aquarator is the epitome of aeration agitators. The aeration method used in the Aquarator is simple and dynamic. Air blown from the blower is sheared by our unique diffusing rotor into small portions. The flow of air leads to a powerful water current that produces and discharges a solution containing micro air bubbles. This solution aerates and agitates every corner of a tank via a special flower-shaped discharge.


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