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We make a contribution by commercializing medical glove pinhole inspection devices

Our company designs and develops machines and electrical systems on consignment. We also maintain and alter machines, equipment, and systems, and manufacture machines on consignment. We supply various products to many industries. We developed a device for the medical field capable of easily detecting pinholes in gloves before use. We have a track record with unique fully automatic assembly devices. We have designed jig patterns and transport systems for assembly, supplied parts, and delivered our products to fields relating to general industrial equipment and robots. We will strengthen our expansion to fields relating to medical equipment. We will also accelerate our efforts to expand into fields relating to aircraft.


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[Company Strengths]
Our strengths are our unrivaled quick responses and technical capabilities that can quickly satisfy requests and requirements for efficient and effective devices. We challenge ourselves to product design and development in our own way to satisfy market needs and solve market issues. We think this curiosity underlies our strengths.

[Business Description]
Our company has been designing and developing mechanical and electrical machines on consignment since its establishment in 1980. We have been constantly improving ourselves in the fields of maintaining and altering machines, equipment, and systems, and manufacturing machines and parts on consignment. You may not be satisfied with conventional machines, equipment, or systems. You may want products with higher quality or that are not available from other companies. You may want something easier to use. We will sincerely consider and satisfy such requests and wishes.

Machine design and development on consignment; electrical system design and development on consignment.

[Product and Technical Strengths]
Our company developed a medical glove pinhole inspection device for the medical field by making use of a Monozukuri subsidy. This product inspects gloves for pinholes before use to easily select pinhole-free gloves in the medical field. Assistants check gloves for pinholes before medical staff use them, and prepare good gloves in advance. We will actively develop products necessary for the field. Flexibility to satisfy needs leads to our product and technical strength.

[Representative's Message]
What is Monozukuri craftsmanship? Is low pricing enough? What about shape and functionality? Is it safe? What products please people? What is necessary for the coming age? What is truly important? We will continue with our Monozukuri craftsmanship based on new conceptions together with our customers to solve market issues and properly satisfy customer needs. We will establish technologies available only from our company and continue to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy and the development of Japanese industries.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
We will participate in exhibitions and trade fairs held by governmental agencies, public support organizations, financial institutions, and so on to ascertain the needs of visiting companies and market issues. We will actively propose uses of our technology. We will also establish new technologies, develop new unrivaled products, and promote market cultivation by making use of aid and subsidies from prefectural agencies and public support organizations.

[Market Share and Rank]
We do not have detailed data, but we judge from our past deliveries that we seem to have a certain market share.

[Awards and Media]

[Certificates and Licenses]

[Joint Research and Development]
Joint research with Gumma Industrial Technology Center

[Main Customers in Japan]
Tokyo Electron Limited, Nikon Corporation, Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd., and device manufacturers (OEM supply)

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Kanto Head Office, SMRJ

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