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We produce over one million worm gears a month without any complaints

Our mainline business is plastic injection molding. We have confidence in automatic molding and insert/outsert molding. We have a stock line and a system that can operate 24 hours a day. Our company is also equipped with a semi-cleanroom and other equipment to handle products requiring cleanness, including secondary processing. We have a track record of manufacturing one to two million units of automotive worm gears a month for three years without receiving any complaints. We have been continuously manufacturing speedometers for trucks and tourist buses that are generally said to be difficult to manufacture for 19 years since our establishment.


Other presentation

[Company Strengths]
Our company is located in an intermediate area between plains and mountains in the Matsumoto district of Nagano Prefecture. The existence of a company here is an important point, so we are in a position to gain local cooperation. We have a stock line and other equipment that can operate for 24 hours a day. We manufacture a great many products by insert molding and outsert molding and have a wealth of experience. Our company can handle a wide range of tasks because we have a molding factory as our partner capable of manufacturing molds and even insert/outsert brackets.

[Business Description]
Our current mainline business is plastic injection molding. We excel at automatic molding, and also insert/outsert molding. Our products are mainly automotive parts, but we also handle precision parts for OA equipment. We have a semi-cleanroom and even handle products requiring cleanness. We also perform secondary processing and have experience in sticker-affixing work that must be done in a clean environment.

Plastic injection molding

[Product and Technical Strengths]
Our company excels at manufacturing precision parts. We can surround part of the workplace to create a semi-clean environment for temperature control and dust prevention. We also have extensive experience in producing automotive monitor frames, and technologies for dimension management and dust prevention. We have manufactured two million worm gears a month and are experienced in properly assuring high quality during large-volume production. Our company also develops machines to process defective insert/outsert products. We focus on developing technologies capable of separating defective parts into metals and plastics for recycling.

[Representative's Message]
Our company is located in an intermediate area between plains and mountains in Matsumoto. There were eight manufacturers here twenty years ago, each with a work force from 30 to 50. Now we are the only manufacturer, with a work force of nearly 20. Areas like this become more impoverished as the outflow of work overseas is still advancing. I think what is most important for revitalizing these areas is to call in work that allows people to settle. We were able to overcome the 2008 financial crisis without sacrificing any employee. We will survive in this severe period for our company, employees, and local community by promoting sales.

[Company Structure for Market Cultivation and Overseas Expansion]
Our company has been dependent on transactions with existing customers. Our competitors are quitting their businesses and work is flowing out of Japan, so we think now is the time for finding work ourselves. All our staff are now thinking and acting together. Our company has been cultivating a corporate culture and human resources capable of satisfying the trends of the times under a philosophy of change, challenge, and partnership. We are a small company but we acquired a joint patent with a university. We are aiming at global work with a subsidy from the Ministry of the Environment.

[Market Share and Rank]
None, because we are a small company.

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