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Latest update: 23/09/2022 09:06:54

Asano Co., Ltd.

Sheet metal prototype parts, press dies, resin injection molding dies manufacturing, composite material molding research and development, etc.

We perform prototype sheet metal parts manufacturing (die-product / assembly), machining, 3D CAD design, molding simulation, shape measurement, inspection, welding, assembly, pipe processing, press mold for mass production, jig design / manufacturing. We also conduct joint research on carbon and composite materials, and try molding of developed materials. For resin injection molding dies, we manufacture various dies such as PPS insert molding, double molding, and heat & cool molding dies by electromagnetic induction heating.

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Manufacture of prototype sheet metal products
Prototype sheet metal stamped parts
We manufacture various materials (high-strength steel plate, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel, composite materials, etc.) from small parts to large parts using a hydraulic 2000t press. We also support hot stamping.
Welding / assembly
We weld and assemble automobile frame parts and motorcycle parts. We are responding to various needs by actively incorporating the latest welding equipment and joining technology such as robot welding, laser welding, and SPR fastening in consideration of mass production.
Molding simulation
We obtain and examine various information in advance by making full use of simulation technology suitable for each process. The experience of skilled technicians leads to more accurate simulations, and shortens delivery times and improves quality by reducing the number of processes.
Manufacture of resin injection molding dies
Manufacture of resin injection molding dies
We have a track record in various industries such as automobile in-vehicle parts, interior parts, mechanical parts, optical equipment, medical equipment, and other related parts, and we will meet the expectations of our customers.
Mold for PPS resin, insert molding, double molding, heat & cool molding
We specialize in PPS resin materials and electrical insert molding dies that require precision, and we also manufacture special heat and cool dies for double molding and electromagnetic induction heating.
Composite material / CFRTP (thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced plastic) molding
CFRTP (thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced plastic) molding
In CFRTP (thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced plastic), we started before the materials hit the market, and we have the molding know-how of various materials such as continuous fiber woven fabric, non-woven fabric, chopped sheet, etc.
Composite Heat & Cool Hybrid Molding
We are working on difficult molding that combines press molding technology + injection molding technology + mold design technology. We have ROCTOOL's electromagnetic induction heating device, and it is possible to perform heat & cool molding by either press molding or injection molding.
Composite / development material test piece production, strength test, molding trial
We have many achievements such as CFRTP (thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced plastic), molding technology development with various newly developed materials, test piece production, etc. We handle production and strength measurement according to your request in-house.


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CFRTP heat & cool hybrid molding
Last update:10/05/2022
It is a hybrid molding with a heat & cool method using a CFRTP (thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced plastic) prepreg sheet and a resin material using an electromagnetic induction heating device (ROCTTOOL), a dedicated press machine, and a special specification injection device (200 ton class).
Sample product molding with hot stamping
Last update:10/05/2022
A sample product of an automobile center pillar was molded with a hot stamping system consisting of AP & T's 3-stage electric furnace + transfer robot device + 1000t hydraulic press.
Sheet metal lap welding using laser scanner (galvano mirror) welding
Last update:10/05/2022
SUS press sample product with laser scanner welding head (TRUMPF PFO-3D galvano mirror) Two-sheet and three-sheet welding of sheet metal. Welding distortion is small and high speed welding is possible.
Turn one aluminum plate into a chair-Assembly a full-scale origami chair
Last update:10/05/2022
We made a full-scale aluminum origami chair by fusing the metal processing technology of Asano Co., Ltd. and the design algorithm of Nature Architects, a venture company from the University of Tokyo.
Mini F1 car production with CFRTP (thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced plastic)
Last update:10/05/2022
We made an original mini F1 car with CFRTP (thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced plastic) and aluminum.

Other presentation

Since its founding in 1953, we have been manufacturing prototype parts for the development of new models for major automobile manufacturers and motorcycle manufacturers. Currently, we have equipment for manufacturing car body skeleton frames and handle everything from sub-sub-comp to sub-comp to BIW. We manufacture prototype parts and small lot parts for a wide range of industries such as industrial machinery, equipment, electrical machinery, and aerospace. We also manufacture resin injection molding dies for medical instruments, optical parts, automobile electrical equipment, etc. to meet a wide range of needs.
We manufacture small-quantity prototype products with short delivery times, press dies, and injection molding dies for resins. We support the development of our customers, from one part to mass-produced parts.

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