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Latest update: 26/02/2020 10:25:08

RMML Co., Ltd.

We have a proven track record in the development of functional materials utilizing nanoparticles.

We manufacture and sell functional materials utilizing fine particles (nanoparticles) of metals, metal oxides and other substances. We have developed materials to be utilized in circuit formation, display devices, high-output secondary batteries, photocatalysts, light-emitting devices and other products to meet our clients’ needs. We have a proven track record of transactions with Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd., Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd., Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., Sekisui Jushi Corporation and Lintec Corporation. We collaborate with various private companies in the research and development of nanoparticles to be utilized in energy, environment and general products. Furthermore, we are working on a business-academia collaboration project with Okayama University on fundamental research on a new mechanism of nanostructure control of magnets.

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Sales Pitch

Our company provides various nanoparticles suitable for customer purposes and uses
We provide particles in a form suitable for customer use
Nanoparticles have characteristically unique properties. For example, even if dispersion liquid is prepared for 5 nm large nanoparticles, the nanoparticles may disperse with vaporization of the liquid under some conditions of use. Depending on the size, nanoparticles may change to gel where a solvent exists. In the case of metal nanoparticles, the melting point certainly becomes low and particles become coarse because of fusion even at room temperature. This is why a surfactant is generally used to prevent nanoparticles from becoming coarse. Under such circumstances, the handling method and nanoparticle status stabilization method differ depending on the size. Our company holds a meeting with the customer, proposes a nanoparticle size and status according to the use and specifications, creates a prototype, and develops the product to acquire the requested characteristics. This is why we do not have general-purpose products.
Our company proposes and develops materials suitable for use
The form of provided materials differs depending on the customer’s use. For example, the volume resistance ratio may be used generally if conductive wiring is assumed, but this is data magic. Conductive wiring should actually be discussed in terms of the resistance between two points. In the case of wiring using Ag nanoparticles, the wiring cross-section tends to be small if an inkjet printer is used, because a thick film is difficult to form. This is why the actual resistance may become high even when the volume resistance ratio is low. It is necessary to select materials and size by considering which from among ink or paste is better for the use. Our company independently conducts development at the request of a customer. We develop a trial product by following an assumed manufacturing flow, submit a report, and have the trial product purchased with the customer's acknowledgement. A trial product is purchased by the customer at a reagent-level price. We will lower the price to the industrial level at mass production. Our company develops a product by following a mass-production level flow from the beginning, so the transition to a greater scale is easy.
Difference from other companies
Our company mainly receives inquiries for materials that are not generally on sale. Many inquiries are very difficult to handle, and concern articles that are not on sale even as reagents. We possess a very wide variety of processes, so we develop unique products for particular customer requests. Our company does not receive development expenses in almost all cases. We provide a theory-based explanation if a customer requests materials that are not theoretically possible. We use prototyping to develop even a small amount of specific materials that are not generally on the market. This is what differs greatly from other companies.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We developed an original method for synthesizing nanoparticles by utilizing our many years of experience in the research, development and manufacturing of powders at a major company. We are able to provide unprecedented nanoparticles of metals, metal oxides, metal nitrides and oxide composites in dry condition or liquid dispersion condition. Our synthesis method allows high-volume production and low-cost delivery. We also help with technical renewal for clients involved in the development of printing devices and functional materials.

[Business description]
Our company develops, manufactures and sells new functional materials made of fine particles (nanoparticles) of metals, metal oxides and other substances in response to clients’ requests. We succeeded in developing new functional materials to be utilized in circuit formation, display devices, high-output secondary batteries, photocatalysts, light-emitting devices and other products.

Non-ferrous metals

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have established several dozen original manufacturing methods as processes for synthesizing various nanoparticles in the liquid phase. The original liquid-phase synthesis methods allow for high-concentration reaction on a large scale. Furthermore, these methods enable manufacturing of new materials (unprecedented powders of elements and powders with smaller particles than ever before) ideal for various needs, as well as achieving unprecedented large-volume production at low cost. We have succeeded in synthesizing particles that have not been commercialized anywhere in the world, such as nanoparticles of highly conductive multilayer graphene, magnesium fluoride, and gallium nitride.

[Representative's message]
Our own new materials will potentially become next-generation battery materials with high energy density. We intend to produce batteries and bring our products to the market. We are now developing magnetic materials and conductor materials improved through a new concept. Our aim is to obtain the final product form for marketing in collaboration with other companies including those overseas.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company’s policy is to respond to clients’ requests free of charge during the experimental production, and charge a service fee after confirmation of the material performance. We accept international requests for manufacturing and selling functional materials not achievable by other companies as well as requests for functional materials at reasonable prices.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our company was founded recently and our market share is still small. However, we believe our expertise in the synthesis of functional powder is of the highest level.

[Awards and media coverage]
Okayama Shinkin Bank Area Support Award of Excellence

The Chemical Daily twice, Sanyo Shimbun three times

[Joint research and development]
We presently collaborate with several companies in the development of nanoparticles to be used in energy, environment and general products. We are also working with Okayama University on fundamental research on a new mechanism of nanostructure control of magnets.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd., Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd., Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., Sekisui Jushi Corporation, Lintec Corporation and others.

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