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Latest update: 06/04/2021 11:23:36

Teshima Corporation

Our stainless steel tubes can be as thin as 0.12 mm.

Our company manufactures stainless steel pipes. Our main products are medical needle stainless steel tubes. They come in various sizes, and some can be as thin as 0.12 mm. These products are attracting attention both in Japan and overseas. Our customers include Kaneko Medix, Kobayashi, Nihon Chusyashin Kogyo, and Saito Medical Industries. Our products have also been delivered to UNIMED Medical Supplies, and HiPack. Our strength is in our technology. We have the technology to manufacture thin, firm structures that do not warp or become crushed during processing. We also possess extraction technology for making welding pipes (outer diameter 2 mm, with 0.05 mm in thickness) to meet various customer needs and expand our scope of operations. We will accelerate both domestic Japanese and overseas expansion. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company’s strength lies in our manufacturing operation for our highly regarded high-quality, high-precision stainless steel tubes, which are mostly used in medical fields. The demand for insulin injection needles is particularly on the rise with the rapid increase in the number of diabetes patients. This is why we started to manufacture tubes with a 0.12-mm outer diameter to meet the demand. We have also reduced our production lead time by 20% thanks to our efforts in an internal project, which has helped to enhance our competitiveness in the international market. We believe that the ability to deliver much-needed products in a short time is a strength for any company. 

[Business description]
Our company has been highly regarded in Japan and overseas as a manufacturer of medical needle stainless steel tubes and related products since our establishment in 1970. This is because of our high product quality and manufacturing technology. Our stainless steel tubes can be as thin as 0.12 mm in size. This contributes to the development of medical technologies that are attracting a great deal of attention around the world. This is a niche market, so the product’s flexibility, the maker’s skills, and product quality are even more important. Our products have proven themselves in these terms, and have acquired a large share of the global market, in terms of both production quantity and quality. 

Stainless steel pipe manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our extraction technology has received Gunma Prefecture One Company, One Technology certification. It can create lightweight, high-quality, ultra-thin pipes (outer diameter 2 mm, with a thickness of 0.05 mm). This thin body requires a manufacturing technology that prevents warping and crushing in the production process. We developed original jigs and tools for extraction in order to realize mass production (consecutive production) with roundness of ±0.02 mm. General-purpose jigs and tools could not make articles any thinner than 0.1 mm. We also have other kinds of technology development experience, and this focus has resulted in the strength of our products and technologies. 

[Representative's message]
Our company was established in 1970 as a medical needle precision stainless steel tube manufacturer. We have dedicated ourselves to pursuing the infinite potential of stainless steel tubes ever since. We have developed applications as medical needles, and applications in other markets for high-mix, special-process, high-quality, and high-precision products. These lines of business are highly regarded by our customers. We will continue to grow as stainless steel tube specialists, and we will establish a management system for technology development and quality enhancement to penetrate the global market. We will meet customer expectations in all regions by continuing these activities, and I will devote myself to maintaining and promoting our current business management. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will participate in business conferences and exhibitions to capture current market needs and emerging needs, and to suggest even more new applications of our products. Demand for our products in our overseas sites is increasing, so we will actively try to acquire more customers.

[Market share/Ranking]
Our main product has a large share of both the domestic Japanese and overseas markets. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Gunma Prefecture Machine and Metal Industry Engineer Award (February 2015); Gunma Prefecture One Company, One Technology certification.

Iri Shimbun (October 15, 2015); Jomo Shimbun (March 7, 2015); and so on.

ISO 9001:2000.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Kaneko Medix; Kobayashi; Nihon Chusyashin Kogyo; Saito Medical Industries; and so on.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
UNIMED Medical Supplies; HiPack; and so on.

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