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Latest update: 30/11/2016 19:04:04

Hara Machinery Co., Ltd.

We manufacture dedicated machines with high accuracy and rigidity, and we received a letter of thanks from RIKEN.

We manufacture cutting, polishing, drilling, and other kinds of machines. We have delivered a total of over 2,000 units to domestic Japanese and overseas companies, including Shin-Etsu Chemical, Mitsubishi Materials, Asahi Glass, and RIKEN. We excel at manufacturing polishing machines capable of achieving 0.1-micrometer surface roughness, as well as other dedicated machines with high precision and rigidity. Our company received a letter of thanks from RIKEN for a movable grinding machine that features flatness of 50 micrometers per square meter. We have begun to manufacture monocrystalline ingot processing machines for photovoltaic panels as part of our proactive efforts to develop new processing machines.

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[Company strength]
Major companies do not accept orders for single machines. The expected functions and specifications of such a machine vary depending on the purpose of implementation and the factory environment. We are proceeding with R&D every day. Our goal is to bring together our long-accumulated know-how on machines with the flexibility we possess as an advantage of being an SME capable of meeting customer needs. Our high technical power in the field of manufacturing large machines is attracting attention from major companies in Japan and also from overseas companies. We provide technologies and know-how to major companies in overseas countries such as China and Korea. Our motto is to create technology we can boast of to the world. We propose machines that satisfy the uses needed by all kinds of customers.

[Business description]
We manufacture and sell dedicated machines. Our main products are customized cutting, polishing, and drilling machines. Customer needs for dedicated machines change with the times. This is why our company does everything from development, design, and manufacturing according to the materials (particularly quartz, ceramics, and silicon) to installation, trial runs, and technical guidance. We also provide timely responses to processing requests for large-article machining from manufacturers of various dedicated machines and automotive manufacturers.

Dedicated machine design and manufacturing; large article machining

[Strength of products/technologies]
Most of our customers expect high accuracy, efficiency, and rigidity from machines and equipment when they place an order. We have provided more than 2,000 units of such processing machines. Our products include a polishing machine satisfying a required surface roughness of Ra 0.1 μm, and a movable grinding machine that achieved surface roughness of 50 μm per square meter. We have also supplied a composite machine that combines all the functions of cutting, grinding, polishing, conveying, and measuring. We received a letter of thanks from RIKEN for the technical power that produced our movable grinding machine. We reflect such know-how in our products as we actively proceed with machine development. We will improve productivity, reduce costs, and raise product accuracy to meet various customer needs through our machines.

[Representative's message]
We will never be satisfied with the status quo, but commit ourselves to R&D for machines that process advanced materials to continue to provide higher value to customers. We will continue to work hard as an R&D company by innovating our accumulated technologies to contribute to society both internationally and locally. We are seeking business opportunities through the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) for machine marketing outside Japan.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
One of our most important policies is to have a support system based on direct visits by engineers. We are a manufacturer that will immediately send our staff to any country in the world when necessary. This can be for a meeting about a machine (object work, quality, requirement, takt time, etc.), fine machine design that satisfies the customer’s needs, or maintenance.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have a 15% share of the market for silicon ingot cutting machines.

[Awards and media coverage]
Letter of thanks for our contribution to the construction of SACLA X-ray free electron laser equipment, from RIKEN Japan; and letter of thanks on the 60th anniversary of business establishment, from OKAZAKI Tekkokai.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Chubu Edition, "Automatic Sun Tracking System."

[Joint research and development]
Mie University: Joint development of an automatic cutting machine for automobile dismantling, delivered to a company in Mie Prefecture (2003).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. (fully automatic cutting-grinding composite machines), Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (high-precision drilling machines), NGK Insulators, Ltd. (end-face grinders), Takara Standard Co., Ltd. (fully automatic kitchen-top processing machines), KYOCERA Corporation (polycrystalline silicone grinders), and Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (polysilicon cutters).

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Mitsubishi Polysilicon America Corp. (double-table continuous cutting machines), and OCI (peripheral grinding machines).

[Exhibition History/Information]
Monozukuri Okazaki Fair 2016.

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