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Latest update: 30/11/2016 19:03:56

Kumano Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Our machine tool covers and a number of our other products are used by major companies in Japan.

We are a machine parts manufacturer that does business with major Japanese companies. Our company manufactures and sells house exterior materials and soundproof covers (enclosures), in addition to machine tool covers (our main product). We have an integrated production system in place to handle all manufacturing processes from design to manufacturing and assembly. This allows us to flexibly respond to customer needs, while driving the growth of our business as a result. We possess equipment that allows us to perform laser cutting of thick iron plates (maximum 19 mm) and thick stainless steel (maximum 9 mm). This is possible as long as the size is within 2,200 mm × 4,300 mm. The maximum thickness for non-oxidation processing (clean cutting) is 6 mm for iron plates and 9 mm for stainless steel. These products are used by Komatsu NTC, Nachi-Fujikoshi, Sugino Machine, Okuma, and TAKAMAZ Machinery.

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[Company strength]
Our company offers one-stop solutions for cover production, from design to manufacturing and assembly. We can maintain efficient productivity because of our flexible responses to customer needs and our integrated production system, while also retaining advantages in both quality and lead time. 
We possess equipment that allows us to perform laser cutting of thick iron plates (maximum 19 mm) and thick stainless steel (maximum 9 mm). This is possible as long as the plate size is within 2,200 mm × 4,300 mm. We can also apply non-oxidation processing (clean cutting) to iron plates with a thickness of less than 6 mm, and stainless steel less than 9 mm thick. This reduces the oxide film that needs to be removed before welding. These improvements will help enhance productivity and competitiveness. Coating quality will be improved because there is no flaking from oxide film. Our laser punch compound machine enables unattended operation without interruption (24 hours a day). It handles cutting, part number printing, molding, tapping, and sorting without human input. We can make use of this machine to reduce lead time even in mass production. Our partner company has set up their own plant on our premises. They possess a wealth of machining tools such as horizontal machining centers and NC lathes, which are useful when responding to various customer requests. 

[Business description]
Design: This department mostly makes covers for machining tools. We have five designers, who use AutoCAD for design work.
Sheet metal production: We use sheets made of iron (70%), stainless steel (25%), and aluminum (5%). Our sheet metal products include machine tool covers, house exterior materials, and enclosures (soundproof covers), and 80% of our machine tool covers are made to order. The breakdown of these products is 37% for machine tool covers, 34% for house exterior materials, 11% for enclosures, and 18% for other products.
Cover assembly: Our machine tool covers and enclosures are assembled before delivery. We also attach these covers at your plant. 
Equipment assembly: We conduct assembly and adjustment of work clamps and other similar equipment. Our assembly accuracy is from 1/100 to 5/1000, which is the most precise assembly in our company. We assemble control panels for machining tools, such as pneumatic panels and hydraulic panels.


[Strength of products/technologies]
We realize enhanced competitiveness in quality, cost, and delivery for a wide range of sheet metal products.
The latest equipment on the production line eliminates some of the post-blanking processes, such as part number printing, sorting, and oxide film removal, which enhances productivity. This also allows us to easily make large covers without splitting them up. We invented an original tracking device to support bending, which reduces processing time with less labor. The increase in the size of the materials has improved stock utilization, and reduced the number of parts. These improvements have helped to significantly enhance our competitiveness, which is why we propose these points to our customers before making deals. We make sheet metal products in a wide range of fields, including machining tools, house exterior materials, and large power generators and thermal power plants. We have accumulated a range of sheet metal technology and know-how within the company, which we can comprehensively apply to make proposals and provide manufacturing services. 

[Representative's message]
We actively participate in annual business matching events in major cities and business fairs within Toyama and neighboring prefectures by setting up booths to meet potential customers and enhance recognition. We also try to acquire customers introduced to us by our existing clients by meeting their needs as much as possible. We used to engage in procurement abroad (China) over 10 years ago, but that is not the case now. I hope that we will be able to probe the economic conditions and opportunities.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Five customer management directors share information with directors and other managers. Sales promotion activities are conducted through cooperation with design, control, and manufacturing engineers to capture customer needs.

[Market share/Ranking]
There is insufficient data to indicate our domestic market share and the ranking of our company in the industry. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Commendation by Toyama Prefecture for providing excellent support to realize balanced lifestyles (2015); Balanced Lifestyle Support Award from Tonami City (2013); Industrial Encouragement Award from Tonami City (2009); and so on. 

Best Broadcasting Toyama, special TV program on recruiting (January 27, 2007).

[Joint research and development]
Asahi Building-Wall: Design and development of regular-use power generator covers on a made-to-order basis (since 2000).
Komatsu NTC: Design and development of made-to-order machine tool covers (since 1990).
Nachi-Fujikoshi: Design and development of made-to-order machine tool covers (since 1995). 

[Transaction form]
Domestic deals.

[Transaction terms]

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Komatsu NTC (machine tool covers, since 1990); Nachi-Fujikoshi (machine tool covers, since 1995); Sugino Machine (nuclear-related parts, industrial machinery covers, since 2010); Okuma (machine tool covers, current); TAKAMAZ Machinery (machine tool covers, since 2013); Sankyo Tateyama (fireproof house sash parts, exterior products, since 1980); Asahi Building-Wall (enclosures, silencers, since 2000); Mitsui Zosen Machinery & Service (emergency generator covers, since 2010); Kitamura Machinery (machine tool covers, since 2015); other machinery manufacturers.

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