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Latest update: 02/09/2022 17:49:31

YOU-I. Seiki Co., Ltd.

Prototype manufacturer that develops technologies for weight-saving materials. 

We manufacture auto parts prototypes, and have a solid track record in prototypes for car seat parts. Our operation expanded with the addition of mass production dies and die parts manufacturing. Our products are mainly delivered to Shiroki, Aisin Seiki, Toyota Boshoku, and Toyota Motor in Japan, as well as to overseas subsidiaries of Japanese companies. We are also engaged in R&D on weight-saving materials and processing technologies, with particular focus on presswork on magnesium alloys. 

Main image

Sales Pitch

Efforts concerning weight reduction
Our company is developing technology for next-generation lightweight vehicles.
Magnesium alloy press working
Joining different kinds of metals: aluminum + iron; aluminum + copper
Message to overseas companies
Efforts for weight reduction: Magnesium alloy press working
Magnesium alloy is attracting attention as a weight-reducing material indispensable for electric vehicles and automatic driving.
We are considering the expansion of demand for magnesium alloy pressed products in collaboration with overseas companies.
We are looking for a company who can conclude a technical tie-up with us.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have followed our founder’s wish that our company be based on friendship, as expressed in the old company name, “Yuai (友愛).” Being a small company, the path to self-improvement and growth is tough, with many obstacles along the way. However, I believe it is feasible provided we remember the spirit of friendship. We will steadily continue our QCD activities with output in mind, and strive to develop new technologies by working closely with people in a wide range of fields, looking ahead to the future. 

[Business description]
Since launching our business in 1969, we have mainly been making prototypes for automobiles, specifically car seat parts. 
In 2010, we started a mass-production die making business as a way to utilize our prototype making technology. Currently, these two businesses are our main operations. 
We also started an additional die parts manufacturing business to enhance our existing machining technology and the business is growing steadily.
In 2012, we started research and development on weight-saving materials and processing technologies for next-generation industries. This is mostly related to presswork on magnesium alloys, although there are some other weight-saving materials.
(Prototype making (presswork) for automobiles; presswork for small lot production and mass production; design/manufacturing of progressive press dies and single press dies; R&D on weight-saving materials and processing technologies for next-generation industries) 


[Strength of products/technologies]
Car seat parts generally require both light and strong materials. Our long-time customer, Shiroki Corp., required our assistance in solving several technical issues related to their car seat business, an important part of their business. We started processing lightweight material (high-tensile-strength steel sheet) more than ten years ago, much earlier than other companies, and our technology evolved. In 2012, we started independent research on presswork on magnesium alloys to enhance weight-saving even further. These efforts are intended to make weight-saving material our trademark. 

[Representative's message]
Looking ahead ten or more years, I think our company will be deeply affected by the falling domestic demand caused by the dwindling Japanese population. On the other hand, there may be an increasing number of overseas companies wanting to use Japanese companies’ technology, which is why I intend to leverage our know-how and foster cooperation with overseas companies. With regard to the domestic market, the closure of small town factories is likely to continue, so we will prepare to inherit their technologies when necessary. To prevent the loss of such valuable technologies, we plan to promote this preservation initiative, and seek recognition as the successor of technologies. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Representative Director Mizuno provides technical consultation. Regarding sales promotion in the domestic market, we participate in many exhibitions and academic conferences. Especially, since 2015, we started a joint development project with other members of a study group (hosted by a local municipality), and we are working with them to prepare for the launch of business next year.
For overseas expansion, we concluded a technology partnership agreement with a Korean company, Sechang, in 2013, concerning magnesium alloys. The related parts processing deal bore fruit in October 2014 with a Shanghai company, and negotiations are currently under way. We plan to study the possibility of partnering with a Vietnamese company in 2016.

[Market share/Ranking]
Ultrahigh strength steel: We have started delivering samples as a next-generation material.
Presswork on magnesium alloys: We are the only manufacturer in Aichi Prefecture that provides this service.
Presswork on lightweight sheets (e.g., titanium): We have been providing this service since 2015. 

Not many manufacturers perform presswork on magnesium alloys or titanium. 

[Awards and media coverage]
One of our employees received an award for craftsmanship from Aichi Prefecture (November 2015).

“Kata Gijutsu” (February and March 2015 issues; “Seisanzai Marketing” (July 2015 issue); Chibu Keizai Shimbun (August 14, 2015); “Products in Aichi” (an article on the website of the Aichi Small Business Support Center posted in September 2015)

ISO 9100 (making preparations for certification in July 2017); Management Innovation Plan (2015)

[Joint research and development]
Joint experiment with Prof. I at University C, on forge bonding of dissimilar metals (December 2015–); joint experiment with Prof. K at University N, on bonding/spot-welding of dissimilar metals (January 2016–); test evaluation with researcher N at Industrial Research Institute N, on tension/compression of ultrahigh strength steel 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Shiroki (direct delivery); Aisin Seiki; Toyota Boshoku; Toyota Motor; others (direct and indirect delivery)

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Shiroki North America (direct delivery); Shiroki Thailand; Shiroki Indonesia; Trix Indonesia (Shiroki’s joint venture in India); others (direct and indirect delivery)

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