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Latest update: 12/04/2017 14:51:38

Taiyo Co., Ltd.

We have developed a synthetic solution system for treating waste oil and waste liquid.

Our company’s core activities are environmental business and parts and products business. In the environmental business, we have developed a total solution system for treating waste oil and waste liquid. We manufacture and sell eco-related equipment including waste oil/liquid fuel processing equipment, waste oil boilers and smoke dispersal equipment. We propose solutions for waste oil recycling, water quality improvement, lampblack smoke dispersion, deodorization, and improvement of the work environment. In the parts and products business, we manufacture and sell agricultural processors, separators, washers and vegetable packing machines, in addition to tillage tines. We have a solid track record in joint R&D with the University of Tokushima on the development of emulsified fuel combustion, and with Kochi University on the treatment equipment for waste cutting oil.


[Product description] Our product provides environmental benefits including heat source reduction, resource saving and zero emissions. Our product realizes a clean work environment by reducing lampblack, dust and odors throughout the factory. [Market share/Ranking] We supply waste oil boilers to the food industry nationwide.